Still Confused re:Posting Approved Spam Comments Publicly

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    OK, it’s 24 hrs later and I made sure the filtered Spam comments have the correct steps applied. Still the comments (2) are showing up only in the ‘dialogue balloon’ at the top right of post. Again, it’s not the most crucial issue, but I really want the support these readers are giving me to show up for everyone; I was also counting on all Comments being seen hoping they would trigger some discussion. When a comment is filtered as Spam for me, but I approve it, will it always only show up in the balloon, or is there something I can do with the Comment Feed to get it where I want it? Hope this made sense – feeling stupid again!! Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


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    One of your comments to post is here:

    Please note that you cannot see comments on your blogging page. Comments will only appear when one is looking at the single post view.

    So if you go to the link above to read that post, scroll down and there is the comment.

    If you go to the over post with a comment, you can open that post to view it and scroll down to see the comment.

    Think about how difficult it would be if dozens (or hundreds) of post comments were to appear on your dynamic blogging page. Readers would find it impossible to read your older posts without scrollling down down down to see them.


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    To allow your readers to access recent comments, you can use the recent comments widget:


    Once again, you guys are awesome! Thanks so much for your help, 1tess. Your feedback makes total sense to me now re:comments. Thanks!


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    You are welcome anytime!

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