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still dealing w/paid credits for domain pointing w/no luck

  1. I posted a similar message over the weekend-
    I have contacted support, did so this morning, and can't seem to find an answer or resolution. I paid for credits this weekend for both a css upgrade and domain pointing. I have a paypal record of both. I changed the dns at my domain name account and the domain is still not pointing to my blog. domain name:
    I am curious- regarding the paypal payment
    1. who is automattic? - this is who the payment goes to and I followed the link provided by paypal but don't see info on payments or support for payments.
    2. the payment for CSS is recorded as wordpress css on the paypal account but the payment for the domain name is just labeled as credits - is there some sort of error there?

    Is this a typical problem or perhaps something others experienced this weekend?
    I am sort of in a bind now and need to get this done.

    Any advice about support and how to find help with payments that seem to have been lost in cyberspace on their way to wordpress?

  2. (1) is an Automattic Inc. project

    (2) Payment credits through paypal as you have described are as expected.
    (3) Staff aren't available at present Support Temporarily Closed
    Support will be closed today. We will re-open Wednesday morning around 9AM GMT. In the mean time, please feel free to browse the forums and FAQ.

    Please be patient. Staff will get to you.

  3. Send full details inc all Paypal numbers to Support.
    I see 2 transactions - one for $5 and the other for $10
    If you have more than one login here check both.

  4. I sent all of that info to support on monday morning and have not heard anything, not even an acknowlegement of that email... I will send it all again tomorrow.

  5. I have the same issue with my payment for domain mapping ( I did it on Saturday and it's still not set up. I suppose the payment is pending as the only option I had from Paypal was eCheck which I hear takes 5-7 days to clear. I hope it will be set up today when support gets in.

  6. You will not have had a reply because Support is closed.
    It opens in around 150 minutes. A glance at the lists does not see your email address / name so please do send again.

  7. geoffwolfe - it is indeed pending and when the payment clears the credit will appear and can then be used.

  8. I have a paypal account that is used often and the payment was instant

  9. jjcc - please send me a copy of the Paypal receipts. Use the Support link at the bottom of this page.

    Without information I can do nothing.

  10. I did that earlier this evening- I will do it again-

  11. Please whitelist our email.
    I replied in detail about 10 hours ago. I do see your latest support email but if the first did not get through neither will the second.

  12. Must have gotten a C/R challenge....

  13. I never do C/R
    Whitelisting is the way to go.

  14. Usually don't work within GMail as the link gets modified.

  15. Are you saying that the email did not get through AOL?

    what would the email address be - what is the email address you are sending from?

  16. [email redacted]

    I did reply. Because it contained transaction details the numbers may have flagged the mail as spam.
    Do you want me to create a draft post in your blog and put the information in therre?

  17. leave it on the ** page, can you password protect it? - blog has a lot of readers who would love to find a way to interfere with my personal affairs.

  18. In your blog, click Manage > Posts and choose Drafts. You will see the unpublished page from me.

  19. thanks - I left you a response

  20. Done :)

  21. RFC 1149 at work. :)

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