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Still Don't Understand the Term "Self-Hosted"

  1. I've spent hours and hours researching how to make websites, how to use WordPress, etc, and I am still very confused about the whole "self-hosted" WordPress.

    I believe self-hosted WordPress is through instead of But I'm still confused... Is this the only way for a WordPress site to be self-hosted? What if my domain name is through a different site, such as, but is hosted through WordPress? Is this "self-hosted" or not?

    Thank you for your help on this.

  2. And will I be able to use additional plugins? Or do I really, truly have to use

  3. Please read this >

    Self hosted mean you hire a web host and you install your own software, themes, plugins and do all the upgrades and maintaing the site all by yourself.

  4. There is no upgrade you can purchase from that will provide you with FTP access, plugins and the ability to upload third party themes.

  5. Self-hosting means that you have hired your own web hosting service such as godaddy, bluehost, dreamhost, etc., and then you have installed and configured the wordpress software from wordpress.ORG (they do not host sites). That means that you are responsible for everything (installations, upgrades, backups and troubleshooting). It will also cost you about $10 to $25 per month, all things considered, and it does take a bit of "web" knowledge since stuff can happen (bad plugin or theme, site gets hacked, an upgrade goes wrong).

    Plugins cannot be used at wordpress.COM. Plugins are for self-hosted sites only.

    Buying or having your own domain name mapped to a site here does not change any of the rules or restrictions since your site is still physically located at To get away from those restrictions, you have to move completely off of wordpress.COM.

  6. Purchasing a domain name via a domain mapping uograde changes nothing except the domain name.

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