Still have not received my confirmation email to start my website

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    I still have not received my confirmation email. I just signed up for a blog, and I keep hitting the button, so I can start writing and publishing. But I still have no confirmation email. My email that it should go to is (email redacted). I have checked my spam folders and everything.Nothing is working.

    Tracy Smith

    The blog I need help with is


    do i just need to delete this site, I need to start work on it, and if I can’t post anything because I can’t get a email confirmation sent to me, what is the use, guess I just need to go back to blogger



    You could do that, or you could wait till staff responds here. I will not flag it for their attention if you’re leaving, though. So, are you leaving or staying?


    staying…..just disappointed it is taking so long for someone to respond, thank you for your attention to the matter!!


    fixed it……just changed email to go to a yahoo address that I do not use often, then I got the email confirmation. Must be something on gmails end, because same thing happened when I was trying to get email confirmation from twitter. Thanks its resolved now



    Hi there,

    I’m glad it all worked out! I have responded to you as well here:

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