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STILL haven't seen my own page! where is it hidden?

  1. (a)first page says "click the edit link to modify".I'd love to get rid of the Hello World stuff but there is no edit link on the page. Of course I've deleted it repeatedly already but it persists
    (b) Preview doesn't work
    (c) glimpses i've had of my text show every line printed in different size letters. Yuk, how do I change this?
    (d)stuff i've published today isn't there
    (e) 5 days in and I have still not found out how to see the pages i've written. I think parts of 2 of them are there but they peter out into (...) dots and clicking won't bring the text up.
    (f) the time given up on the forum is much appreciated, but the advice I'm given doesn't always work, and as you can see new problems occur at every step

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Instead of starting new threads, read back through the previous ones. The answers are there.

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