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  1. I've been using WordPress for over a year and I didn't know it was possible to create posts *offline*.

    I just tried a program called BlogDesk and it was a breeze! (I have *no* connection to the program.)

    For people still having problems, I suggest trying it:

  2. Hey - in your post (the link you provided) you said, "I didn’t have to worry about uploading graphics. BlogDesk took care of all of that. How so? Thanks.

  3. All you do is put the graphics in the post. See the icon bar? One is a wee photo. You just insert with that.

    Then, when you're ready to post, there's a wizard that guides to you through the information needed to connect to your blog.

    Basically, all the info you need to know is:

    1) Blog name
    2) Blog URL
    3) Your login name
    4) Your password

    BlogDesk takes care of the technical stuff.

    Then when you hit the Publish button, it sends everything up!

    (My advice is to uncheck Publish after Upload, so you can preview the post online before publishing to make sure everything is OK. I had no problems. Note: I pre-scale all my graphics on my PC first.)

  4. Holy you-know-what...I gotta go try that!! Thanks!

  5. I hope it works as smoothly for you as it did for me. Now I can compose blogs while offline and take my time!

  6. I've updated my post about BlogDesk. A problem with blockquote formatting.

  7. I;m back to using Blogdesk after trying Windows Live Writer.

    I should have been more adventurous in trying the BlogDesk icons on the toolbar. There *is* blockquote. It's called Indent (Citation/Blockquote).

    I didn't like WLW because it was too big for my screen and Categories were *below* the entry field in a *popup*. BlogDesk has Categories on the side -- so I don't forget to use them.

    I think I'm sticking with BlogDesk.

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