Still looking for clear answer/remedy to wierd dissaperarance of valuable draft

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    Is there a way for an unpublished post that was saved as a draft to just disappear without a trace. I’m not quite sure I got a clear answer to that question posed a week earlier. If I understand the process of deleting posts, there is some redundancy built into it, so you have to really want to delete it, instead of accidentally hitting a button. What I’ve noticed is the document deleted should go to trash and remain there for a few weeks.

    I’ve lost a draft I spent more than three weeks putting together. I brought it to the final proofread stage in the morning, saved it and came back later that day to look it over one last time, and publish it, and it was no longer listed in recent drafts, or anywhere else. Usually I can do one in a day; needless to say there is as sense of loss on different levels here where I invested so much time into it, and frankly thought it my best work to date.

    It never showed in the page, post, or draft trash. Every time I log in I keep hoping it’s just going to re-appear, as mysteriously and it vanished. Just like some E-dog ate it, and left no trace. I still haven’t recovered from the devastating loss. I usually try to post one per day, but that loss just sucked the wind out of my sails.

    Are there any tricks out there to make any recovery?

    The blog I need help with is


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    While we volunteers can certainly sympathize with your plight, there is nothing we can do to help you other than reading your posts here.

    Please do not start a new thread on a topic you have already begun:
    Timethief gave you some good information here, which it appears you followed and contacted staff:
    and here where a member of staff gave you an answer:

    Support is closed for the weekend again, but you can try to contact them again via email:

    Because we volunteers can not help, I’ll close this thread.

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