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Still lost in this great big world of blogging!

  1. Still trying to figure out all the features wordpress has to offer, but with 10 blogs in, I still feel like a newbie with the deer in headlights look. I dunno, maybe I need new ways to figure out the themes and tags, etc. Plus, getting traffic to feel the need to keep writing is another hurtle for me. I guess, being who I am will attract readers over time. :)


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I left you a comment and you have not changed them yet :) they will help.

    Don't worry about traffic just yet its early days.

    Break your posts up into shorter paragraphs.

  3. I saw your comment! :) An I have added more categories, and today post is added into one of my new ones. I just forgot about the tags, lol. I will get the hang of this eventually. I will also keep in mind about shorting my paragraphs a little bit. Thanks for the help!


  4. No problem, it takes months to learn about blogging, i'm here three years + and i have a lot to learn :)

  5. I think that's what makes blogging special, you can express yourself to the whole world but at the same time only one person might see it. Patients is a virtue, that is probably the best way to describe blogging.
    We all have a lot to learn. Best of luck though and enjoy!

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