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STILL not able to link comments to blog.

  1. Hi all. I changed my user name and address. When you click on my profile name, amelie, it goes to a blank page. I cannot figure out why. When I change the user name, it says it's taken. When I type in inthebarberry.wordpress etc, it goes right to my blog. The whole process is really counter-intuitive. Any way to fix this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. For starters the URL linked to your name has a spelling error you have a slash ( / ) as the name separator in place of a period ( . ) that should be used.

    Fixing the spelling should help.

  3. @auxclass Oh my god I am such an idiot! And I checked it like 8 times! (Would you believe I have a master's degree? I should have it taken away.....)

    Thanks and I'll try that.

  4. Can you tell me where the link is where I can change the url that links to my display name?

  5. Ok, it's still not working. I have (which I had in the personal settings but there WAS a mistake elsewhere), but now it goes to this page when someone clicks on my new display name from my blog or friend's blogs. I get this page:


    I checked it on every page, and there are a lot of them. Gravatar, profile, personal settings and change this blog address. That's part of what makes it so confusing.

  6. Here's another clue, why am I still ameliespp here when on all the other blog my correct display name comes up, amelie? I copied and pasted the correct blog address for every section of WP dashboard and gravatar so I don't get it.

  7. It's showing the correct one now. try it

  8. itspak1 - hi, thanks for the info but it is not showing up correctly under my correct display name. Not even sure why ameliespp shows up here and not on my own blog or friends blogs. See this one:

  9. (IGNORE Lunasel, that was an old trial name before I got the link right, or so I thought).

  10. Okay, looks like it is working now. I guess there was just a delay! Thanks everyone for the help, really appreciate it. Have a really nice holiday!

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