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Still problems with photos and attachments?!

  1. Hi All, am I the only one still having problems with my photos? Everytime I click on a still image I get the message 'Sorry, no attachments matched your criteria."

    Now my friend who has a wordpress blog ( ) who is also having the same problem is debating wheather to transfer her blog somewhere else. Again, it only happens when one is not logged in. The problem is of course is normal viewers cannot view the photos. I checked it on some other machines, just in case, both Windows and Macs, so it must be a server issue. I have contact support but got few responses or help.

    If you are support, log out of your system and check it while logged out. Heres the other blog we are having problems with.

    Its just still photos... any body know whats going on? Its been going on for weeks on our accounts, any help would be very much appreciated.

    Sincerely, Creatisphere

  2. PS: I see when the photo is linked to itself, it works fine, so it only happens when the photo is loaded and then linked to Page.
    If this helps?

  3. Specifically, what kind of files are you uploading? JPEG? GIF? It matters. And can you give us an example of the name of the files? Some people have reported that certain components of a name, or even a very long name, cause problems.

    I did have this problem for a few hours, but it sorted itself. I had to rename the images that were broken before I could re-upload them, though. You'll have to do the same, even if just adding "3" or "4" in the name somewhere.

  4. JPEGS only

    example names of files: amsterdampier.jpg

    and on friends blog: wijkoverzicht1.jpg

    So all the names are short. I will try linking some images only to the files, that works, but we want to use the *page* option.

  5. I just tried changing it directly to the file amsterdampier.jpg and it still did not work....

    Not sure what is going on...

  6. I just looked and got exactly the same result.

    Can you provide a link direct to a file rather than the attachment (page) please? I think you're going to have to send in feedback for this but want to try a couple of things first.


  7. Try this:

    uploading, putting the image in the post and NOT selecting "link to file" or "link to page." Finish the post, then, before hitting Publish, click on the image and then on the Link icon and put the URL of the Page or File in the popup box. Try that; it should function exactly the same from an end user's point of view, but perhaps bypass whatever's screwing up.

  8. Hi Cornell, do you mean this link?
    or this?

    Raincoaster, thanks I will try your suggestion.

    (Thanks to both of you for trying to trouble shoot this...) : )


  9. Okay, I tried somethings, I went in and edited the link, all the links on my friends blog of the problem entries (and mine) was linked to

    I changed them to link to the file:

    I saved each one, and then saved the edited entry. But upon logging out it went right back to having the same link

    I tried to twice and it was reset to the error page....

    I am at a total loss at what to do....

  10. Do they HAVE to link to the file? Did you try originally putting them in the blog not linked to anything and then adding the link using the popup box?

    Why must they be linked to anything? If you put them in and don't link to anything, what happens?

  11. Hey Raincoaster, I just tried that and it did work to get them to link to just the JPG. So that works. The thing is, my friend @ - wants to use the link to page option.

    I wish the technical problem could just be fixed so we dont have to do such a work around. She is not so used to web editing, so I directed her to wordpress so she can easily add things. Thats why this is a downer.


  12. I'm afraid I don't even know what "Link to page" does, so I can't add anything more. Glad it is at least working in a very basic sense. Hopefully, since staff knows this is an issue on that blog in particular, they'll be looking for ways to fix it ASAP. I know they're shorthanded lately.

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