Still redirected to old website even if I host it on outside host

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    I have transferred my hosting to other sources and not on selfhosted . I already changes the nameservers to point my website to the hosting provider but now when I’ve worked on the new website it sometimes redirects me to the old website hosted on even if how many times I clean and refresh my browser cache. Its been almost 3 days and I think the site DNS has been propagated already. Is their something you can do on this issue? .

    Please let me know .


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    I’ve checked out your domain and everything seems to be pointed correctly! I’ve also checked out your site from multiple third party locations and am consistently pulling up your new site rather than the one which is hosted with us.

    If you continue to have these troubles you can always transfer your domain to a third party domain registrar, which will ensure that there is no trace of your site associated with your domain. There are instructions on how to transfer your domain right here:


    Thank you for the quick support but as per policy I can only transfer my domains to other registrar if I reaches the 6 months period my domain is just 40 days since purchased.

    I myself can see the new site but my web developer in the Philippines has the problem since it redirects him sometimes to the old website hosted on making him hard to edit the new site. Hes been doing browser cache cleaning and thousand refreshes but there are times in a day that it will redirect to the old website as well as the admin dashboard pointing to the old site.

    Is there an IP address issue in here? or is the site not yet fully propagated to the newserver or on the Philippines.

    Please let me know .




    I’ve had a look at your account.

    Currently your site – – has the primary domain set to correctly.

    Could you flush the DNS cache again and let me know if this issue is still occurring? It can often take about 72 hours total for changes to be reflected across the Internet.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

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