still trying to import from posterous and one of the files in the zip .xml

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    ok I’ve checked and there is an .xml file in the zip file but when I go to import it doesn’t pull it out specifically; it just uploads the whole zip then tells me it isn’t an .xml file

    The blog I need help with is



    I think you are supposed to unzip the file and get the .xml file out of it


    okay maybe I’m showing my ignorance but I’m doing good to get this far; how do I do that?



    This step by step tutorial may help:


    okay I thought I had the .xml file out of it (isn’t that how I knew I had one) but when I try to import I still can’t get just it to; is there a way to pull it out separately into my documents?



    You need to extract the xml file onto your computer then pass that file (not the zip) to the import function


    yes I can do that but when I try to pass it to the import is where I have the problem



    I will flag this for staff to look at, as maybe they can see teh problem with what you are uploading.


    thank you; wish I knew how to do that



    Be patient, they have a lot of threads to look at!


    oh that’s fine; I have until the end of next month; I’m just glad I got the notice this time; I lost my whole last one; still think it’s probably out there somewhere but maybe not; do they really totally totally get rid of stuff like that?



    Yes, you’ll need to select just the .xml file.

    Probably the easiest way to do this is to open the .zip and drag the .xml file to your Desktop, that way it will be in a completely different place.

    Then, try the import again, and select the .xml file.


    thank you, thank you, thank you!!! that did it (now I didn’t get to do it; hate to admit but I did end up getting my guy (hub) to do it; dragging’s hard work! ) maybe I could have; I wanted to do it myself but he came home early; I shouldn’t have said anything but thought I’d just ask,hoped he would just tell me but no, he has to come do it for me; oh, well, it got done! and he did need to know what to do; just that then he knew how – thanks so much though! he didn’t even know that I’d even done any of this –



    You’re welcome!

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