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Still unable to upload images!!!!!

  1. Once again, I am still unable to upload an image to my media file! I click select and NOTHING happens!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What browser and version are you using? If you're using IE9, that's teh problem and it won't go away until you update.

  3. I have been able to upload using IE9 for a long time. Why suddenly is it not working??? Can someone else please help me?

  4. Because it is unsafe and outdated. You will need to use a different browser.

  5. So why has this suddenly happened today?

  6. So why has this suddenly happened today?

  7. Because the software is constantly being updated and eventually it will not be in synch with software like IE9 that is not being supported any longer by the company that issued it.

  8. She tried Firefox and it says there are plugins missing.

  9. I guess what I am asking is there some other alternative? She is still using Vista.

  10. Someone in another thread suggested going straight to Media - under that heading is Library and ADD NEW - go to ADD NEW - ( not in your post) and you can still add pics 1 at a time from there into your Library and then add them to your post - works that way for me with the old version of IE9

  11. Hi, I am doing a work blog (so it is important to solve things quickly)and like others (it seems) I am having problems with loading pictures onto the blog. I have been trying all week. I've even tried from home but it won't work.

    The blog is...


  12. I tried going straight to media and still nothing works!

  13. I have looked at your advice and you asked for feedback. When I post I go into Add new post which is on the dashboard. In the link it says admin/post. The other thing is that it keeps coming up with a message questioning validity of your security certificate.Hope that helps.

    would be grateful if you could look as I say, it is a work blog that I am doing and it is important to update the blog. I am really overdue now.


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