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  1. dear dudes, dudettes,

    people start tearing their hair out. that's bad. hnkee?

    please moderators, is there anybody out there, who can fix the [p] bug in WordPress?

    the [p] tag disappears leaving little or no space between paragraphs.

    which is, like, totally not cool.

    you can check


    for the extreme gravity of this issue. there's lot's and lots of us. and we need help. it isn't the end of the world, but still.

    thanks a lot

  2. Do you have a link to your blog. I want to see what ya mean, as I haven't had the problem on my blog. Am wondering if it's theme-specific. Have you tried another theme to see if have same problem? Cuz that may help staff narrow down where the problem lies.

  3. well, my blog is, press any post to check what's wrong. also, the other topic/discussion was one filled with many options, including yours, but nothing helps. there's a bug i think, in when the visual editor interprets the text i entered and tries to clean up the code that is implemented when i insert text. (i.e. i insert enters to create space between paragraphs and the WP editor wrongfully deletes all those enters and reduces them to just one.

    because of this, I and other people around me, put in a "." where a [p] break should occur, and colour it white...

    my blog is

    thanks for your help!

  4. Including Mine? LOL I don't recall that at all LOL Have you contacted support? Cuz if you're not getting answers from volunteers, then maybe you need to go to staff?

  5. Um, when I click on the link you provided, it says Worpress.Org. This is .Com. I know I don't participate on the .Org forums :)

    Good luck

  6. nope, contacting staff seemed like an impossible task. was hoping for "ze community" to know the awnser...

    [email redacted]?

  7. Well, if you want the forum people to help you, I'd just wait for someone more informed than myself to help. But if your blog is through, we can't find a solution for you anyhow.

  8. well this is frustrating.

    so how do i get in touch with the dudes who designed the wordpress software i am using at those are the .org peeps right?

    surely there's a guy out there who helped design this stuff that i could interest in fixing this problem...

  9. <br class="blank" /> works for me as long as I stay in the raw HTML editor.

  10. i know, but i am more of a "cooked" editor type of person.
    i highly prefer the flashy fashizzle over the plain and simple html editor.

    but surely foolswisdom, there must be an easier way to get [p] breaks?

    it's such wonderful software, but this thingy sticks out like a sticky thorn in a big bowl of otherwise delightfully tasteful raspberryjam...

  11. This forum is for blogs. If yours is a blog you need to go and ask at the forums. The software is different and we cannot help you here.

  12. guess what? i made a blog and i had the same problem!

    now can you guys help me out?

    "nick" from staff says it was designed this way, which i find hard to believe - how can you NOT be able to create paragraphs that are further apart than one single line?!?

    and i like to remind you that a lot of people, both bloggers and other WP users have this problem. see the links I inserted.


  13. The message dated 2/23 posted by thesacredpath addresses this:

  14. what the plugin does is even worse, as in deleting all the [p] i inserted.

    I wanted to keep them. say, the reverse of what that plugin does...

  15. Controlling the spacing between paragraphs when the browser renders them is one of the things that CSS is designed to do easily. It lets you do quite a bit more than that, but it is one of the things you can do with it.

    The best way to do this consistently is to learn a bit about CSS and get the custom CSS upgrade, since you can then just set a class on the paragraphs and have the CSS set up to take care of it. Short of that, you can specify this on a paragraph-by-paragraph basis in the HTML view in the editor. Here's an example to play with:

    <br /> <p style="text-align:left;">Here's a paragraph with default margin, border, and padding.</p><br /> <p style="text-align:left;padding-top:5em;">So, what happens here?</p><br /> <p style="text-align:left;">Here's another paragraph with default margin, border, and padding.</p><br /> <p style="text-align:left;padding-bottom:16em;">And what happens here?.</p><br /> <p style="text-align:left;">And here's yet another paragraph with default margin, border, and padding.</p><br />

    Try putting that into a draft post and previewing it; you should see some (excessively large) spaces between a couple of the paragraphs.

  16. I just did a quick test, and the visual editor doesn't drop anything from this example. So, you can do most of your work in the visual editor and just switch to the HTML to add/change/remove properties from the style attributes.

  17. thanks, sing/cont. i'll check it out. changing the css is something i dont do in the html editor though, am i right?

    the plugin would let me alter the css into the example you give me, which would in turn make my [p] breaks bigger than a single line.

  18. You're welcome. :-)

    Short answer: The example I gave above works just by putting it into the HTML editor.

    Slightly longer answer:

    There are really two ways to do CSS: using style attributes and style sheets. The example above works by modifying the style attribute of a specific HTML element (which is why it can be done in the HTML editor). Style attributes are handy for a small change here or there. They only affect the specific element on which the style attribute is specified.

    There are a couple of drawbacks to style attributes:

    1. It's really hard to be consistent over a long period of time. If you want the same type of paragraph to be formatted the same way in your next 200 posts, you'll need to specify it the same way on every one of those paragraphs.
    2. If you later decide to rework your site (changing the theme, for example), you may find that you have to go back through and change every one of those posts, in exactly the same way, in order to get things to look right. This might also cause people subscribed via RSS to get notified about these formatting changes.
    3. There are a lot of changes that you simply can't make this way. For example, moving the sidebar of a theme from one side of the page to the other can't be done with style attributes.

    Style sheets get around pretty much all of these issues, which is why the Custom CSS upgrade can be really useful.

  19. By the way, you can get an HTML attribute like <p> to show up correctly in the comments by typing &lt;p&gt;.

  20. thanks for the extra info. those are major drawbacks, so i'll change the css sheet with a plugin- I think that's the best option.

    still, i find it weird, for such a widely used piece of software there's no real solution when you want just three lines of white space, or four, or five, between two pieces of text.

    am i right or what?

  21. It's a bit counterintuitive when you're not used to it, but it's actually how everything you see on the web works. HTML ignores whitespace, and the formatting is handled by the browser based on the CSS.

    Most word processors (Word, OpenOffice Writer, etc.) let you define and work with styles. Personally, I find it odd when people hit return a couple of times to add space between paragraphs, which is a sort of "typewriter" mentality. It's kind of like buying a sports car and then hooking it up to the team of horses that pull your carriage in order to get around. :-)

  22. LOL, singular!

    html editor seems to be the best solution meanwhile. To learn more, try to switch normal page of msword to html page -- there you'll be able to see better of what you CAN do :-)

  23. lovely comparison :-)
    but still, dear sing/cont.,

    forget the mentioning of me hitting enters, i know and you're right.
    but how about this:

    if i enter multiple [p] or [br] tags on my other website, it just gives me more space, or a line, if I so choose.

    i find it weird, even with the diff. between html and word processing, that WP strips away all these tags - i did insert them with reason...

    HTML ignores whitespace, and the formatting is handled by the browser based on the CSS.

    but could the formatting based on the CSS just let me have a little space when I want it?

    I feel cornered.

  24. I suspect WordPress is just trying to be "helpful" by getting rid of what it thinks are extraneous tags. I've had the same cornered feeling when a word-processor hijacks my syntax and word choice (I really dislike some of the autocorrect features).

    Unfortunately, the current visual editor doesn't seem to give us the option to tell it "quit helping me, already!". I wish it did. So far as I can tell, the best solution here on is to get the Custom CSS upgrade, put in something like
    .spacepar {<br /> margin-top: 5px;<br /> }
    And, when you're writing a post, jump into the HTML editor to make sure that the paragraph tags have a class attribute:
    <p class="spacepar">Like this one.</p>
    That way, the formatting of all the paragraphs with that class will be consistent, and if you decide to change the spacing on them, you can just update the stylesheet in your dashboard.

    Maybe not idea, but I hope it helps...

  25. Nrgh. I meant to write "Maybe not ideal", not "Maybe not idea".

  26. too bad, the typo made me laugh and started me thinking: if it wasn't an idea, what could it have been?

    anyway, i'll get together with a friend who's faster with css than me, and, using your advice and the upgrade, i think we'll get somewhere.

    thanks, member with the long name!

  27. btw: just took a look at your blog. i thought sing/cont. was sort of a matrix nickname. but no, it's part of a far more intricate plot...

    best of luck with the symbols, you never get mixed up?


  28. I don't get mixed up often - although sometimes two authors will use the same symbol to mean two similiar, but different, things. That can get tricky to sort out.

    Good luck with the CSS!

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