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    I’ve recently become aware that at least one of my blog posts and pictures has been scraped by another site. The site in question (not linked, because I don’t particularly feel like sending them more traffic) has a prominent ‘copyright infringement? clink here’ button at the bottom of the page, which requests the site URL and a comment.

    I’m not particularly worried about this, and I’m aware of the general process to follow in these cases (as outlined etc), but I wanted to pick the collective brains of the volunteers here on the wisdom of using the ‘copyright infringement’ button to contact them, since I don’t trust the site (for obvious reasons). Is contacting them via this form wise? Something just seems (more) fishy about it, and I don’t want to inadvertently encourage them or help them generate any revenue from this.

    The blog I need help with is



    If you’re not particularly worried, and already don’t trust the safety of the button on their website, then just forget about it. Life’s too short.



    Well, we can’t say because we don’t know where that Copyright infringement button goes, do we? Hover your cursor over it and see where it goes. If it’s an email, it won’t kill you to fire off an email. But you’re better off contacting their web HOST, who will take it up with them.

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