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Stolen content, copyright infringement

  1. Someone has posted my content as their own using What can I do to get it removed?
    My original story:
    Their copy:

    Please advise me of any action I can take.
    Thank you.

  2. Read this and follow the steps provided:

  3. The blog here has a warning to get in touch and I will tell them to remove all copied work.

  4. Thank your for your responses. I am not the only one who has had content copied by this blog. This must be fairly common. It really doesn't make sense but what in this world does anymore?

  5. Just a follow up, after contacting complaints the content was removed. The blog continues, however, copying content from other sites who are probably not even aware that their content is being stolen. Is there a point to this? Is this a common tactic used for some unknown reason? Please advise if you are aware what the strategy of creating this type of blog is?


  6. I notice in their post from yesterday called Men Get Over It is a long list of unlinked links to a bunch of sex-related sites. It's as if they stole from a splog.

    I'm glad they removed your stuff, alientoearth.

  7. If they are not making money out of it (and they can't because it's on I see zero point of them to copy blogs of other people.... strange!? None-the-less if his site is filled with other peoples contents then it probably should be given a warning to remove whatever they have not created themselves...

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