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Stolen post

  1. fatbodypolitics

    I have someone who has taken one of my posts and put it on their wordpress blog without my permission. Is there anything I can do to get it taken down? The address for that blog is here, the post that they took is here,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Report it to WP Staff, use Support form.

  3. @fatwaitress
    The site you point to it not hosted by but not to worry. Staff have provided step by step instructions. You will find them here. >
    See also >

  4. @Timethief - how long should it usually take for action to be taken? I've tried contactingthe site owner, no response. I've sent the notice to the registrant, they claimed to have not received the notificaton and asked me to send it to a new address. Did that. Still no action. :(

  5. Follow-up again - be persistent. Which web host is this splog on?

  6. I actually think it is a self-hosted WP site with a connected forum - the forum is where my posts are - they lifted two that I know of.

    WOW - I think it is gone - I just went to get you the link and the whole site seems to have disappeared - at least I am getting a "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" on not only the posts but the entire forum!

  7. I didn't actually want to kill the web site - I didn't mind them using my material as an extract with an apprioriate link - I just didn't want the whole articles lifted and reproduced.

    But they ignored my attempts to communicate, so I escalated the matter. Seems the escalation has worked, unless they just got a new URL.

  8. Web hosts do not take stolen content lightly because if they do not act, they risk having their services shut down by the authorities. If the DMCA copyright violation is legitimate, they are required by law to take the site down or at the very least force the removal of the content in question.

    Sites that steal content typically will not respond back, or if they do they will rattle on about fair use or some such nonsense and typically have zero clue as to what they are talking about. I don't even bother anymore, I just contact their web host and typically within 24 hours, 48 at the most, the sites are gone.

  9. Just kill the website. Don't sweat it. Go straight to the web host and kill the site. BANG. The offender won't do it twice.

  10. Well, it is gone. I'm honestly not sure how I feel. This is my first time. On the one hand I feel mean - on the other hand I'm glad it was taken seriously and my work was protected.

    I guess when I've been around longer, like you folks, I'll just take it all in my stride!

  11. It's choices and consequences. They made a choice to steal content and the consequence is that the site was vaporized. Don't feel bad about it. Perhaps they will learn something from this experience. Perhaps not. Who knows?

  12. Remember, if they stole the content, they didn't really lose ANYTHING of theirs, did they? Better they learn this sooner rather than later.

  13. fatbodypolitics

    I sent the site owner and the host a DMCA take down notice this morning it is now off the site, so my issue is resolved.

  14. Congrats! Glad to hear yours is resolved too. My apologies for hi-jacking your thread.

  15. fatbodypolitics

    No apology needed, I understand the frustration. =0)

  16. I spoke too soon. The site must have just been down temporarily. :(

    Here is one of the offending posts

    Here is my original

  17. fatbodypolitics

    Have you tried posting a reply? or sending a DMCA take down letter? I was given this by wordpress,

    If the site wont answer then go above them.

  18. I have issued the DMCA letter, but this is Australia - our laws will be slightly different.

    I'll follow up on Monday

  19. fatbodypolitics

    Ah ok, I would look up who is hosting the site. I sent mine to the site owner, and the host. Hope it works out =0)

  20. That's what I did - sent it to the site host on Friday (for the second time). Will let you know what happens!

  21. @fatwaitress - your suggestion of posting a reply seems to have worked! :) Thank you!

  22. @teamoyeniyi
    I hope what you mean is that the stolen content has now been removed. :) The process is clear. It's what I stated, what TSP stated and what raincoaster stated. (1) Use the support documentation and (2) whois search to determine the web host. (3) Complete and send in a DMCA takedown notice to the web host.

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