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stolen posts?

  1. beautifullifeandstyle

    I am confused how this works, but it appears to me that someone is copying my posts to their own blog and translating it to another language (call me ignorant but I have no idea what language it is). Is there a way I can protect my posts? I'm fine with reblogging- but I obviously can't read it and don't know if they are stealing my posts or not. I guess I'm saying I don't know if I should be annoyed or flattered:


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can also take those sets of links you jsut gave us and go to that blog, under the blog name hover your cursor and you'll see a dropdown menu that includes "report spam." Report it and include all those links so staff can see. They take such things seriously.

  3. The language is Indonesian I believe. Don't know if that helps at all.

  4. It is, or a related language, but staff can deal with it.

  5. you should be annoyed & not flattered. i suggest you report them. they've posted your vacation pictures..... & seem to pass it off as their own. but i don't speak Indonesian either

  6. It is Indonesian language. I'm an Indonesian. And looks like that blog re-post/re-blog from many other blogs/sources without their permission. I've been searching a way to be able to contact him/her. But seems like the only way to do that is to put my comment there. Mark it as spam, report it.

  7. @ beautifullifeandstyle

    FYI, except for your post about "rollercoaster" (yes, that is a stolen post) is not the same post as it only has the same title.

  8. beautifullifeandstyle

    Thanks everyone for your input.
    I did contact wordpress by reporting spam, but there is a second step: a really long, legally binding form to fill out for reporting copyright issues. To save myself the trouble, I first tried commenting on the "secret of the sea" post since that was the only post that used my personal photography (rather than just my text/ideas/ grouping of images from other sources) and asked them to remove the pictures. Looks like they did. So for now I respect that and I think I will leave the situation where it is.

  9. @beautifullifeandstyle
    I'm happy to hear your stolen content has been removed. Best wishes with your blogging.

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