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  1. Hello all, I'm interested in knowing if a stone I have is worth money.

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  3. How do I send a picture of the stone I'm talking about so that others can see it and give me feedback? What is a blog address?

  4. even know what forum you are in?

  5. I think the thread title should be "Stoned" not Stones

  6. Is it a cobble? lol

  7. Stones are not supported at and will be stripped out if you attempt to upload them to your blog. You probably need to be over at WordPress.ORG, where stone embedding can be supported with the use of plugins.

  8. Hahah, perhaps in Bedrock

  9. Moved to Off Topic

  10. mail me the stone and if it's valuable, I'll keep it.

  11. I always keep a bowl full of stones on the windowsill and a catapult, well, we get all the noisy birds down our street, why can't we have some pretty little robins or the odd chaffinch would be nice, but oh no, oh deary me no, you'll be just into your 3rd dream of the night-this is not the dream where you end up falling out of a plane and there you are , falling, falling, that's the second dream of the night. This dream is where an extremely handsome hunk is spooning strawberry ice cream to you on a beach in the Bahamas and there you are when suddenly CAW!! CAW!! shrieks in your ear, it's that flipping old crow swaying back and forth on top of the cherry blossom tree CAW!! he goes. I'll give him what for, I don't think I've actually killed one yet but there a few of them around with extremely sore backsides.

  12. pornstarbabylon

    If it's a moon stone, then yeah it's worth plenty.

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