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  • #517193 appears to have something against and the excellent work it provides. The hacker has invaded blogs and contaminated hits before — with WordPress staff off on their retreat, he has attacked again, producing totally false hit results.

    My sympathy to you all. Anything you could do to stop this degenerate hacker would be much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    I have tried following the link to block my blog from this site, but i get an error code.

    Any help with removing my blog from this site would be greatly appreciated.


    They’re not hackers. The site has already been addressed here on the forum months ago. They show 5-second previews of blogs which in turn provides those blogs with traffic.



    I got hits from alpha today and the hits didn’t add up to what they did months ago so I believe staff has detected and addressed the matter between alpha and the stats system… But you’re always welcome to submit a support ticket

    Also for what it’s worth AlphaInventions is a blog directory that rotates blogs on the alpha site…



    I hate this site A) because they did not ask to make my blog part of their site and B) i watch my blog traffic very carefully and this is mucking up my numbers.

    I really need to get this damn thing away from my blog and they have not responded to any of my emails.

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