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stop automated substitution?

  1. Is there a way for my page to tell WP not to auto-substitute code when I save it? My spacing between paragraphs, and my spacing between stacked images, gets randomly zapped when WP changes the [p] and [br] markups. It's unpredictable, makes my final result look different from my edit view, and it's frustrating.

    I have to keep editing my spaces through several saves until it "magically" gets it right. And if I dare to switch between Visual and HTML view, it changes the markup then too.

  2. i do not know if you can shut this off.
    but i dont use <'br> . you can just hit [enter] in the HTML editor with no code needed.
    a line break in the visual editor is [shift]+[enter]
    as far as a couple lines of space...<p> </p> for a line of space.
    for larger spacing check out this thread.

  3. um what the hell was that... thats not the thread


    that first link was the blog of the thread poster. sorry.

  5. That thread addresses this issue. I didn't know what name was already given to the problem, thank you.

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