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    I’m getting swamped by other bloggers comments on other blogs….get rid of this problem quick guys….!!!!



    Hi, I’m also getting all my comments on other people’s blogs showing on Goggle!! If anyone does a google for me they see all my comments…..what gives it’s very annoying ?



    The reported behavior of email notification for comments is not a bug. It is a new default setting when commenting.

    This feature was a recent change to the way comments work on all blogs.

    Once you click in the Leave a Reply comment box, you will see the “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” check box appear. Simply un-check this box before you submit your comment and you will not receive email notifications.

    If you ever forget to un-check the box you can always unsubscribe here:


    @ ajmattic

    The new default is dysfunctional. It places an unacceptable burden on commenters, most of whom do not wish to be spammed by WordPress–and many of whom will be put off blog reading altogether. For those of us who blog for a more general audience, this stuff is destructive.

    Really, do any of the people who plan these revisions do any blogging . . . about anything other than blogging???


    Just saw this….staff member…your link is telling me I have to unfollow the blog so I don’t get the emails….really? That is crazy! I don’t want an email when someone from a blog I follow comments on their blog…that is crazy…I will go read the comments on the blog itself…NOT check my email. You all need to run some beta tests before you do all these changes…this is very very bad business.



    your link is telling me I have to unfollow the blog so I don’t get the emails….really? That is crazy! I don’t want an email when someone from a blog I follow comments on their blog

    The previously posted link above is where both blog and comment subscriptions are managed.

    At the top of the page you will see:
    Sites | Comments | Settings

    You can manage your comment subscriptions under Comments.


    According to my WordPress stats, my blog has 1918 comments and 35 comment subscriptions; in other words, less than 2% of people who’ve left comments have chosen to receive comment notifications. That means that this new default setting will probably annoy 98% of the people who comment on my blog.



    ajmattic, you don’t get it, do you. Why should we have to go to these lengths, waste good blogging time, to avoid these hundreds of spam emails? We didn ‘t get them before, the system worked perfectly well, SO WHY CHANGE IT?



    Methinks, laurasbadideas’ comment :

    According to my WordPress stats, my blog has 1918 comments and 35 comment subscriptions; in other words, less than 2% of people who’ve left comments have chosen to receive comment notifications. That means that this new default setting will probably annoy 98% of the people who comment on my blog.

    is worth noting. The majority of commenters don’t wish to follow all blog posts that they’ve commented on. That’s just human behaviour. Why?

    Alot of us (including staff who blog also on their own) don’t personally know other bloggers. We’ve never met most other bloggers face to face, for the blog that we comment on. Hence, we would not invest extra time to “follow” other commenters on blog posts.

    Also human behaviour is such that, unless you have the auto-checked box (follow this comment/post) in BIG size ie. 3 inches x 3 inches, the commenter won’t really notice. They are moving pretty quickly, surfing, reading and commenting.

    This latest feature change, which was trying to be helpful, actually was not thought through carefully from the standpoint of human interaction /user behaviour and computer use. (Are there any paid staff with formal training on user-computer behaviour? )

    Therefore alot of casual commenters, will now refrain from commenting much at all because they want to avoid spam.

    They will have not read the technical forums here on Not all bloggers read /participate in these forums to understand this latest change. And hence, will be pissed off getting email notifications from other commenters a blog post that they have generously commented.

    *******************Think of it this way: there are over 7 million blogs. Here on these technical forums, just breezing on these forums, probably less than 3,000 bloggers who participate in the support forums on a regular basis to figure out the latest changes. Or just to chat up with other bloggers.

    Hence there are several million bloggers and commenters who will be royally pissed off with this feature change.



    I also hope WordPress will reconsider this new default. Less than 1 percent of my commenters ever selected to receive email notifications of new comments to a post.

    Unsubscribing from comments on one post on a blog will not prevent later emails if we forget to uncheck the box on a later post when we comment.

    As an interim measure, each of us can disable the email option regarding follow up post comments on our own blogs. That way, we at least won’t be spamming our commenters.

    To do this, go to your Dashboard and choose “Discussion” under the settings. Scroll down and you will see three boxes:

    Comment Reply Via Email — Enable sending comment replies via email
    Follow Comments — Show a ‘follow comments” option in the comment form
    Follow Blog — Show a ‘follow blog’ option in the comment form

    Uncheck each of these boxes and then save the changes. When someone comments on one of your posts, there will be NO option for him or her to receive an email notification of new comments. (Note — I tried just unchecking the “Follow Comments” option. When I saved the changes, it came back up as checked. I had to uncheck all three to get it to “stick.”)

    This should NOT affect emails being sent to you when someone comments on your blog. Those options are covered under other settings.

    Unfortunately, this won’t help us if we forget to uncheck the email follow up on another blogger’s post. But as I said before, it will keep our blogs from spamming our readers.

    I realize changes happen. And most WordPress changes have been great. But when every comment toward a change is negative, it’s time to reconsider the reasoning behind it.

    Hope this helps.



    No comment from staff yet on the doubled up emails when people comment on your own blog?
    This can’t be the new normal, surely it is a bug. When will they be addressing that one?



    I have a Blogger blog which I was seriously planning to move to WordPress. This new development really is making me think again, as I know my present commenters would NOT want a system which automatically sent them emails every time someone else commented on my blog. I know that only a small proportion of my followers ever check the box to have follow-up comments sent to them and to make this the default seems to me to be counterproductive and deeply irritating. I await developments with interest….



    I actually LIKE the default to follow the comments.
    The best solution I can imagine is giving the blogger the option on the default.
    I am no longer getting double e-mails now — works fine for me. At this time.


    This stupid up-grade is going to stop people commenting on blogs, which is what people want to do.


    Perpetua3: I switched to about a month ago. Best thing I could have done. I had been with for seven years before they decided to make changes (to commenting, previously) without notifying any one or consulting with what their customers want. I was a little bit sad when I left, but no more, especially when I hear of things like this.


    @ Ajmatic. Forget that its a moronic change, if WordPress isnt sharp enough to see why its not better, I cant help you.

    What I want to know is if there’s any way to manage the default setting for my own blog. So that my blog… which commonly draws 50+ comments on threads DOES NOT SEND EMAILS TO PEOPLE WHO DONT ASK FOR THEM JUST BECAUSE THEY FORGET TO UNCHECK THAT BOX…

    Please tell me there’s a way that I dont have to get dragged into WordPress’s poor decision as well.


    @jmmcdowell Your solution is a decent option, but there ARE people who DO want emails… I would hate to take that option away from people entirely just due to this decision by WordPress.



    Hi, everyone. I posted a suggestion in another very short forum thread here on how to help your blog commenters avoid getting all those emails about subsequent comments. (Here’s the thread: But to save you time:

    For the sake of my readers’ sanity, I clicked to Settings, then Discussion, then I unchecked the option to ”Show a Follow Comments option in the comments form”.

    The option/checkbox is now gone from my comments form. The option to follow the blog via email remains.

    After I removed said ‘follow comments via email’ option in the comments form, I asked two readers (one who had already commented on the post before I removed the option, and another who hadn’t) to post ‘Test’ comments. I then replied to both.

    The first one is even now still receiving those emails about subsequent comments.
    The second did not even get an email about my reply to her.

    Worth a try. :)



    Unfinishedperson, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I really can’t move to a self-hosted or paid service as i have neither the money nor the technical knowledge to run my own blog. It has to be a free service or no service. :-(

    As far as removing the option to subscribe to comments is concerned, I wouldn’t want to do that as I prefer to subscribe until I receive a response to my comment and then unsubscribe. Not hard to do and I’ve been doing it as long for as I’ve been following any WP blogs. But the default should always be to have to opt in not out.


    Perpetua3, I didn’t think I’d be able to afford it or have the technical knowledge either, but I found a place that wasn’t too expensive and also not too technical. I think if you search around, you might find that too. If not, best of luck with working through the commenting issues (not being sarcastic). I’m sure others here will have good suggestions for workarounds.

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