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stop email notifications for comments on other people's blogs

  1. monicaglickman

    And P.S. Others suggest clearing cache and cookies, which I have done every day since this started. It doesn't help.

  2. Staff have posted here:

    The reported behavior of email notification for comments is not a bug. It is a new default setting when commenting.

    This feature was a recent change to the way comments work on all blogs.

    Once you click in the Leave a Reply comment box, you will see the "Notify me of follow-up comments via email" check box appear. Simply un-check this box before you submit your comment and you will not receive email notifications.

    If you ever forget to un-check the box you can always unsubscribe here:

    and here:

    The previously posted link above is where both blog and comment subscriptions are managed.

    At the top of the page you will see:
    Sites | Comments | Settings

    You can manage your comment subscriptions under Comments.

  3. @ teamoyeniyi: I miss the topics page as well.

  4. I second the comment above that requiring unchecking places an undue burden on readers and commentors. Please undo this default setting, as it is quite annoying. I'd rather keep my readers and interactions with other bloggers.

  5. Hi, yes, I am getting really angry comments from unsuspecting parents on my school blog because they are receiving dozens of emails they did not ask for. PLEASE undo that default setting! Thanks. It is unchecked below!

  6. accessiblenorth

    You might wish to turn off the option to Follow comments altogether.
    In Settings->Discussion, scroll down to Follow Comments
    Uncheck the box for Show a 'follow comments'' option in the comment form

  7. Yes, still going on and VERY annoying. Looks like the default setting now is that we'll get emails every time someone responds to our comments on other wordpress blogs. Soooooo annoying!!!!

  8. The default is effecting me on my own blog. I'm trying to answer all my comments and I have to uncheck the box each and every time I respond to someone. It's my blog, I don't need to subscribe to comments!

    And I have noticed a drop in traffic and comments on my blog since the default went into effect. This is definitely hurting all I've done to make my blog interactive and discussion friendly.

  9. The news from WordPress.COM today - they are very very proud of this new feature:

    It’s now much easier for you and your commenters to keep track of the conversations you’re involved in across Some recent tests have shown that by subscribing commenters to new comments by default, they are more likely to stay engaged and come back and comment more on your blog. With that knowledge, we’ve changed the default comment following behavior to help you get more conversations going on your blog.

    We made the initial changes last week and after great feedback from you we just launched an update. Here’s how it works:

  10. I just read through that post . . . I'm so glad they gave us a way to switch it off. :-)

  11. I left a comment this morning on the blog post by Beau Lebens announcing this new feature:

    I think this feature should be opt in, not opt out. Why do you presume that the majority of your blogging customers and their readers want an inbox full of comments just because they took a few moments to leave a comment on a blog? This seems, to me, like email spam, pure and simple.

    My comment was still sitting in moderation 6 hours later. Supportive comments were approved, though.

  12. I went into reader and then edit and it says that I never get notified and they are all unticked yet i get pages of comments from those blogs when they are replying to other people's comments. It's filling up my email. UGH!

  13. "It's not a bug, it's a feature" - this is an incredibly shameless feature. At least give the users the possibility to leave that check box unchecked via the dashboard. We don't want to spam people who comment, and do not see that little box when posting. It should be optional, come on people!
    And for Christ sake, why would I want to subscribe to comments when I already receive them via email, as I am the author of the post? It only doubles that feature, right?
    The admin should be able to make subscribing to comments box unchecked by default.

    PS: I see that on this forum Notify me of followup posts via e-mail is unchecked by default. Why don't you add the new feature to it?

  14. I support the reversing of this checked by default comment subscription. It is annoying for our readers.
    Also I do second gioni998 about emails. Why do I get an email saying that a new comment has been posted ? And not even showing the comment itself.
    We all do have comment subscription set. And with these emails we can see the actual comment.
    Please stop doing these ridiculous things.

  15. Update (May 17): Since this feature went live we’ve had a bunch of feedback and it looks like following comments by default is not a good fit for a lot of bloggers (and their readers) after all. We looked at a few different options, but for now we’ve just changed things back to how they were before. To follow a conversation, make sure you check the box when you post a comment.

  16. roughseasinthemed

    Thanks for that link ajmatttic and the prompt announcement.

    And thanks to whoever has actually listened to those of us who have complained.

    You are obviously doing a lot of work behind the scenes and it really would be good to know what that was.

    This morning (I'm in Europe) I woke up to a load of emails. Nooooooo!!!!! But they weren't for comments, they were for notification of new posts on blogs I follow. When I first started on wp I had instant notification of new posts checked, but thankfully it never worked. Last night it suddenly did. I've just spent time unchecking all the boxes.

    Seriously, please let us know what you are working on, we expend a lot of time on our blogs and reading and commenting on others.

    I, for one, am pleased you have changed this back. Now, if only the topics could go back......

  17. Thank you for listening ajmattic.

  18. Thank you for returning this to opt-in!

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