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    i’m new here. if you have a look at my blog it only has photos on it. (

    they are laid it out using the gallery function (because I dont see another option for laying out besides a slideshow which i don’t want).

    basically, I don’t want the photos to link to another page (where it is full size, and which is what is happening now) nor to the attachment page. i would like to make it so clicking on the photos expand them on my main page, pretty much like lightbox. i don’t really care about people accessing the photos or downloading them, just that it would look much better if it only expanded on the main page without going to another page!

    could anyone help with how to do this please? really new here and rather lost :( thanks much!

    The blog I need help with is


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    The gallery shortcode is designed to function that way: we can’t edit the shortcode.

    If you want your thumbnail pictures to open on your main page (without the page formating) then you will have to turn to using tables. Live Writer, free ofliine editor, can be used. Or you can learn a little html.

    Lots of folk here would be interested in having a feature like lightbox.


    Not necessarily tables, but anyway images inserted one by one, not as a gallery. Individually inserted images can at least be made to open in a new browser window or tab.

    But first you should take care of something else: the files you’ve been uploading are huge (the one I checked is 6.7MB, width 4000px, resolution 180). Few visitors will bother waiting for them to load completely, plus you’re simply wasting your storage space. There’s no point uploading 4000px wide images when few users have screens wider than 1200px, or uploading 180dpi images when all browsers display them at 72. Instead of uploading your original photos, you should make copies of them, downsize them in an image editing application to a resolution of 72 and a reasonable pixel width, and upload and insert those copies.


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    You are correct, she wouldn’t have to use tables. But, writing about food myself, tables came to mind.

    (I didn’t even notice how big the pictures are: must have had a huge jump in my internet speed for once.)




    thanks for all the help! i decided to stick with live editor so the photos were large at least to not /need/ to click on them to see them properly.

    also have resized them, thanks for the note.

    also with the lightbox functionality, i don’t suppose there’s a culture here where if enough people say something it’ll eventually happen? (because i’ll willingly join in with that)

    thanks again!


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    No, WordPress is not a democracy, so voting for a feature is unlikely to bring it about. They make business decisions so if and when it makes business sense, they will add it. We bloggers, using the free service, are the guinea pigs.

    That said, adding your support to the thread I linked to couldn’t hurt.

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