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stop my page views showing as a view

  1. northwestfisherman

    I have a blog already and tonight I set up another.

    With my existing blog when I view the page through dashboard it doesn't show up as a view. But with my new blog it does. I know this as its set to private whilst I work on it and Ive visited it 5 times and there are five views, all from my locations.

    any idea how to stop this? thanks! :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is no way to "stop this".
    If you are logged in and visit your own public blog your visit is not counted.
    If you are logged in and visit your own private blog your visit is recorded.

  3. northwestfisherman

    Ah, thank you very much! This is the reason I've set it to private whilst I get it up and running. Many thanks for this!

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