Stop Stripping the <br /> Please!

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    We are not using Word. We are merely typing in WP. What is the trick to get a line space that sticks. Not one time, but every time?



    I use < br > < /br > and it works for me. This / is suppose to come before br.


    They strip the   too, but only when you look at it in “visual” instead of “html”


    Oops, it was supposed to be &nbsp but it read it.



    If you know something works when you put it in the HTML editor, compose the post in the Visual one if you want, then just before publishing go to the HTML editor and change it there. Don’t click back to Visual, just hit Publish. That will keep it in place.


    Thanks for your replies.
    One of the WP support people put the
    in for me and said it worked. Of course, when I went back later it was stripped. For some reason this issue seems to have little interest, but for those of us who cannot get a bonifide fix, it is on the top of our list. Of the many true WP experts, would one please end this quibble by sharing the fix for it?

    Thank You.



    You’ve got the best information there is. That’s it.



    ?you shouldn’t need the line break command.

    in the visual editor you just hold (shift) +enter.

    is there some reason you need the <‘br> < ‘/br>?

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