STOP that "beep beep bop"-crap!

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    The new editor already messed up a lot of what was good about wordpress.

    Latest “surprise”: I cant copy posts anymore!
    I used this a lot and now? Now I have to copy and paste topic, post and changes all manually – (cynic)great new feature!(/cynic)

    We know some users prefer to use this editor

    Some???? I cant even imagine (and never heard of) even ONE who likes or uses the new editor. It is CRAP! Face the facts!

    Yes, Im really upset as Im wasting more and more time to work around the developers mess.

    When I started blogging 2013 wordpress worked like a charme.
    Now Im wasting time with closing “beep beep bop”-shit, searching back to the old editor pages and have to copy and paste recurring posts manually.

    I know many other bloggers are annoyed as well and I cant understand why developers deliberately destroy an editor that was just great and nearly perfect.

    I know you dont care of what users say as there have been lots of others who are totally annoyed.

    Instead of wasting time in destroying wordpress you should
    listen to those who are working with it. Its been a month ago since I suggested to add a simple whitelist for readers to comment.

    Nothing happened! Though this simple feature would be a real surplus for everyone. Even my lil nephew could write the code.

    If keeps messing up Im done with it.

    The blog I need help with is



    I really dislike the beep beep boop editor. I use many categories in my various blogs, organized under parents. The new editor shows them in alpha order and only shows about 10 of them, maybe the most commonly used? and it doesn’t appear there is a way to access the other categories I have created. It’s useless! I also see that there is no way to return to the homepage of your blog from the editor. Why?



    You cannot deactivate the new Beep Beep Boop editor but you do not have to use it. For locating the ways and means of accessing the legacy or classic pages for creating posts, editing posts, and viewing stats see here > Navigating the Classic WordPress.COM interface

    Added information:

    Mar 18, 2015, 10:29 AM
    The Classic Editor will continue to exist in wp-admin. We know some users prefer to use this editor, so we want you to have access to it, instead of phasing it out with the new version of the Dashboard. However, a link to the Classic Editor will not return to the New Editor.

    Features that won’t be included in the new editor
    Post Revisions
    Copy a Post
    Link back to wp-admin



    Please rid me of beep, beep, boop. It is wasting my time. And no there is no fix, whenever I edit an existing post I am faced with this crap long enough, to google this blog and post my complaint. This can all be done, while double boobs keeps on bubbling.


    Please get rid of the beep, boop, bop editor. So annoying!



    beep, beep, boop makes me sick. Please rid me of it for always and for good.

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