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Stop the crazymaking loopbacks please

  1. I'm fully aware that there are always Staff working behind the scenes and that some support Staff occasionally are visible when it comes to addressing peer forums support "modlook" threads.

    However, on weekends, especially on long weekends and on meetups days and on travel days to and from meetups,there is very little Staff visibility on the peer support forums.

    That's when we experience that from time to time support links not only in the Support here, but also the Gravatar contact link, the Jetpack support link and the Akismet support links are disabled from time to time. This means that bloggers trying to use those links are experiencing a crazymaking loopback to the peer support forums and that it turn quite naturally creates a negative opinion with regard to the timeliness of support.

    Will Staff please consider implementing an different approach for situations like the ones I described above (weekends, meetups, travel days to and from meetups)?


    1. Perhaps when Staff disable support links could choose to loop them right in the Staff answers forum and not to the peer support forums.

    2. Perhaps some North American Staff be scheduled to work on weekends so they can address the support requests I referred to above as well as the pages of accumulated threads modlook threads as one would expect on an IT site.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Amen! Automattic is hiring now. I suggest they hire enough people to cover this. With 36 million plus here, it's essential.

  3. Yes please - people show up with time sensitive problems, Upgrade issues, renewals, transfers, domain name renewal and yes - the people should have figured out about the renewal before the domain name went to Redemption and should not have waited until the last day to do something -

    But things happen and it is tough to see people in panic mode that need staff help, not be helped for two or three days.

    I think the Modlook threads should be cleaned up twice a day (every 12 hours) or at a maximum of 24 hours, for at least the time sensitive problems, yes I know some issues need to go to the developers for review and correction, but even those a note that the issue has been referred to the developers and it might be a couple of days for an answer - you can skip the reason being that most of the staff has got together someplace that sounds like a nice vacation resort or location if you want

  4. @raincoaster has the best open source software there is - hands down! We used to have the best turnaround times for support issues posted in modlooked threads in the peer support forums that require Staff intervention as well. I'd like to see the latter reinstated but I'm not sure how that can be achieved.

    Hiring more Staff may be the answer. However, if most North American Staff get every weekend off, as well as, the travel days to and from meetups and meetups days off too then it seems the same situation will still prevail. The old fashioned way of dealing with this is to create a rotation schedule so modlooked threads can be addressed in a timely manner.

  5. Part of the issue is where does a company want the resources to be allocated - that comes from usually relatively high up - especially in small companies - larger companies sometimes a bit of fudging can be done if someone is willing to get flogged for doing a good job - I still have scars from jobs I have had where we / I did good service -

    The rotation is the way most places work these things - and if the backlog is kept short then the cleanup is not too bad

    If they are at a Meetup then almost everyone is in the same place - print a list of the backlog and give 3 or 4 items to each of the support people present and things get cleaned up with minimal disruption to the meeting

  6. @auxclass
    Thanks for sharing your point of view on this. There's got to be a better way than driving people crazy with loop-back links to this support forum during the times I referred to. What you suggest makes sense to me.

  7. You could also put up a notice on the contact form during the "downtimes" to let visitors know their support requests might take a while longer than usual to be processed due to the aforementioned reasons.

  8. They used to do that, and it let to a flood of pointless "I'M SO ANGRY" posts.

  9. I got another one today. Apparently the Gravatar support link is closed and looping back here again.

  10. @erlendsh
    I'm sorry this happened to you.

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