Stop the (more…) from wrapping onto a new line

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    Hi All,

    I’m using the <!–more–> attribute in my posts and it’s causing the (more…) link that appears on the web page to appear on its own line.

    Is there any way to force this to appear at the end of the text on the same line?





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    I’m not sure but I believe if you purchase the CSS upgrade and know what to do, you can even edit what the more tag says and do what you want with it. But as things stand now, no you can’t. Maybe different themes might have a different look but I’m not sure.


    The text for the more tag is set in the underlying theme files, not in the CSS

    Secondly, the more tag needs to be its own paragraph effectively since if it is not, it ends up separating the beginning and ending tag for the paragraph it was included in which will cause XHTML errors and can break your blog.

    See this post I wrote on the more tag woes: .

    Also see the section at the bottom of this support document on the more tag that talks about formatting issues: .


    And you can change the “read more” text when you insert the tag into a post as explained here: .



    Hi all, thanks for your replies, very helpful.


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