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    I’ve checked the “I would like to block search engines, but allow normal visitors” option, and yet my blog still appears when I search for its title through Google. It’s been at least a month since I selected that option, so it’s not a question of Google having time to update its crawling habits. What can I do to remove my blog from search results ASAP?



    Suffice to say that you must immediately stop using category tags so your blog posts do not appear in the category tag pages.
    Google has cached your blog articles. You can take also take direct action to have them removed from the Google cache lorelle explains how to do this
    Lastly note that Google is not the only search engine and that it frequently takes 3-4 months for their caches to be cleared as well.


    Thanks for your response. I don’t actually use the category system, though I’m now pursing the Google links. Hopefully that will help.



    Retroactively setting your blog as not indexable is not nearly as effective as setting it that way from the beginning. At this point not only Google but MSN, Yahoo,, and all their overseas divisions such as will have caches of your blog as well. You will have to contact them one by one and ask them to delete the caches, or simply wait it out for a few months until they vanish.



    Older pages don’t get spidered that often which is why it takes a bit.

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