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Storage Space vs. Bandwidth Question

  1. Question 1 (from a newbie).
    When I looked at a few entries in this support form on "bandwidth" most of them seemed to be questions about how much that person can upload to their W/P blogspace. I know little of all this, but I am under the impression that how much you can upload to your space would be dependent on your storage space (not bandwidth), which is limited and can be expanded by upgrading. Bandwidth on the other hand is how much "space" you have for people downloading FROM your page, like how much traffic can pass from your page?? Is that right? And as I understand it this is shared by all users and is not limited/not expandable.

    Qustion 2

    Given my correct or incorrect understanding of bandwidth above, how much is too much? I am hoping to have multiple long length MP3s available for download from my blog. This may require a storage upgrade, but how about the "bandwidth"? Will people run into problems trying to download long length mp3s from my blog, or will this clog up the road for everyone else?

    I realize my whole understanding of things could be completely off here, so please feel free to let me know if it is.



  2. 1) If your site is not hosted by you need to be asking at We are running different software and the bandwidth issues are quite different. Can you specify where you are hosted?

  3. ahh, my site is hosted by

  4. The storage is just the the amount of photos that you can upload to your blog. It is 50 megs of space unless you purchase the upgrades that allow more through your 'upgrades' section of your admin area.

    As for the bandwidth, you would have to confirm with staff, but I would imagine that the amount that people 'download' or 'view' of your site can use up incredible amount of bandwidth before it would become a problem for you. I have yet to hear of anyone that has had a problem with bandwidth and using too much. The servers can handle more than you can probably through at them, the only issue would be if you are using too much and the staff have a problem with it.


  5. I just realized that my homepage was a myspace page instead of my wordpress one, perhaps you tried to see my page and therefore thought I was hosted somewhere else. I fixed that, you should be able to link to my (just started) wordpress page now.

  6. If you're hosted on, bandwidth is never an issue.

  7. Thanks

  8. Just a quick mention that you need to remove the 'www' from your URL there in your profile as it is incorrect. 30% of the folks on the net and all major search engine spiders can't or won't follow such a link.

    For example:

    With the 'www' bit

    Without the 'www' bit

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