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STORE is not on my Dashboard

  1. I want to manage my upgrades (e.g. value bundle), but STORE does not show in my Dashboard. What have I not done?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thistimethisspace

    If you are an Admin of the blog in question the Store link is found in the far left column on your Admin page.

  3. far left column at is headed DASHBOARD. STORE does not appear in that list.or any of its pop-outs. Are we talking about the same location?

  4. thistimethisspace

    Yes that column is headed "Dashboard" and when you hover there are fly-out menus.
    Below that section in the next section down there is "Store".

  5. thistimethisspace

    Aha! I know why you cannot locate it. I'm sorry but that's not a free hosted blog - it's a install.
    Pleas read > vs The Differences

  6. So, how would one buy a new theme plus Custom Design if they had a .org since there is no store option on the dashboard?

  7. @startegic
    The upgrades offered by are offered to bloggers who have free blogs being free hosted by only. They are not available to those who have installs. and are completely separate.

  8. Last year my domain name expired and someone bought it. As of then when i try to get into my admin comes up with a page full of sales links so therefore i have not been able to update or upgrade or anything. Now it is on the market again, but i still get another page come up when i try to get into my admin - any ideas anyone?? My patience is exhausted lol.


  9. IF you were hosted at, you have an underlying URL. You can get to the dashboard there, by going to

  10. Thanks, but this is my point - that underlying URL takes me elsewhere.

  11. Where? What is the link it takes you to?

  12. A Go Daddy page, which used to have my but now it just says my name is available again.

  13. I might have cut my own throat because Matty Osbourne is a fictitious name i made up for a promo we were doing back in '09. But i could always get into my blog and update.

  14. mattyosbourne, I don't see record of any domains, blogs, or transactions ever having existed under your mattyosbourne account.

    Unless you have a different user account here, I'd say that your blog was hosted elsewhere.

  15. is were it goes.

  16. Would you please clarify that? I'm not sure what you're referring it.

  17. is were it goes.

  18. it is the free word I had a paid one as but that was hosted by media temple - it expired.

    I went back to my free blog and can't get into my admin.

  19. That account belongs to a kei[...] (at) email address. Do you have access to that email address?

  20. Yes i do, i tried to change the user name from matty osbourne to my name but it wouldn't let me - says that name is already taken. So there must be something else stopping it or i have something somewhere i forgot about.

  21. What were you trying to change the name to?

  22. My Name is Keith Borgnet and i was trying to get rid of the fictitious name of Matty Osbourne. But i must have 2 accounts mingled in to one somehow. I finally managed to log out and log back in under my name. Also 2 of my email accounts are involved. I get your replies coming through one and when i logged in to wordpress it shows my first one.

  23. Yes, that's what you have there. Two different accounts with two different email addresses.

    Are you all set now?

  24. So i have two different sites? If so to save my confusion - I'd like to just have the one site, email and the one username if possible - i don't know what the other site even is unless it's an old holloween site from a couple of years ago.

  25. I just need to change my email for my main site i guess. Apart from that - thank you very much for your patience and help :))

  26. You can only have one account per email address, but to make things easier, you can move the blogs to just one account:

  27. Ahhh no worries - well thank you very much for your help mate.

  28. You're welcome!

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