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    hi there,

    i ordered custom css today and did some customization to a sandbox css i found here in the forums somewhere. It works so far (editing under linux with ff Unfortunately Opera (Linux), Opera (Win), IE6 and FF (winXP, other machine) don’t show the actual version. They show the previous version of the css just after i copied from the forums into the css editor.

    check my blog at The header should be yellow and there should be a blue-ish background gradient (on top of the page). Also the sidebar should have yellow backgrounds behind the headers of the widgets.

    It again works at my girl friends pc and it seems like custom css is completely not working with javascript turned off (2 people reported that).

    ideas anyone?



    Clear your browser cache completely and do a forced reload of the page that you’re looking at. CTRL-F5 on a standard PC.



    hey drmike – thanks for your help but i’ve already tried that kinda stuff – it’s the first thing i do. On some browsers it’s even been the first time i called the page (also no proxy or other external cache in use).

    So i guess you see the correct layout with the yellow backgrounds?



    This is what I see using a firefox browser:
    A creamy yellow heading and the same colour underlying the titles in the sidebar.
    I do not see a “blue gradient”.



    hmm okay – that’s even more weird :( you should have this little blue gradient on top of the page – especially when you see everything else…



    It is always tempting for an early CSS user to blame either WP or the undoubted differences between browsers. In this case however there are a number of validation errors in the javascript. I would like to see those cleared up first. Then we can validate (or otherwise) the CSS. Then we can begin serious fault finding.



    atthe404: did you see me blaming anyone?

    i wouldn’t wonder if it works in FF and not in Opera and that’s it – i know about validation and i do css stuff for some time. That’s not the problem. The fact is that Same browser version on two computers show different stuff. And it’s not the problem that one single thing isn’t showing up it’s the problem that they show completely different versions/revisions of th e css.

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