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Strange Dashboards Problem - I Have Blogs I Do Now Own!

  1. Okay, I'm logged in here as myself, but when I click on "My Dashboards" I see the following blogs available to me -- none of which are mine!


    I see those while I am logged in here at and I have never seen this before.

    If I logout and log back in and come to the support forums I see the same blogs that don't belong to me as available. When I click on those blog names I do not have access. I am taken straight to the homepage.

    Sending feedback now.

  2. So strange!

    I had to log out here and log back in via my blog in order to send Feedback as myself! Wacky!

  3. YIKES!

    I changed my password.

    I cleared my browser cache.

    I deleted my cookies.

    No change!

    When I'm here in the forum I still see those blogs as mine in "My Dashboard."

  4. I sent a feedback on this to staff.

  5. UPDATE:

    Barry fixed it.

    What a Freaky Friday!


  6. Could you please mark the problem as resolved, Boles?

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