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strange designs suddenly appearing beside comments

  1. How do I remove these distracting and foolish designs? Please help. They have just begun appearing today--Saturday, May 3.
    I really dislike them.

  2. Could you give us a direct link or some idea what they look like? We cannot propose a solution unless we understand the problem clearly.

  3. just to ask about to make that because thats good for my blog like mine since i dont have moderation to each coment, it help me to know which IP using different name... can i have that?????

  4. The design like a pattern for each name, sometimes the name is different but that the same person and the design show same picture too...thats coool!! i like it

  5. how to get that again? can we make it personal to each blog, so when someone doesnt like it can turn it of?? well i really like that

  6. Go to Settings->Discussion and scroll down to the Avatars section.

  7. Thanks, Ryan. I really appreciate the help. Glad to see those mysterious geegaws disappear.

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