Strange Errors- Banner and Username

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    Hey everyone,

    I just recently started my WordPress blog. First of all, I absolutely love this site. It couldn’t get any better. Everything is very, very easy.

    However, I have run into two weird problems lately. I tried to change my account email the other day, and got this email as a response:

    (Of course, it didn’t say the various censored numbers lot. I just added that in there.)

    Looked okay, right? Well, when I clicked it, I got redirected to this site:

    How weird is that?

    Second, I’ve had some problems changing my banner, as well. I recently switched to Ambiru, because it’s more neutral. I also created my own banner to the dimensions given on the help page. I click upload, and I get the crop form, but I see absolutely nothing. It’s as if it hasn’t uploaded anything at all. I continue with the process, and when I go to view my blog, there is no banner header at all.

    I feel that this is somewhat connected to a third issue I had: when I was selecting a layout for my blog, I found that none of the previews showed.

    I’m using the latest Firefox build. (



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    Sorry about that, drmike. I was a little confused about the structure of the forums. Thanks for moving.



    Not a problem. (It’s happening a lot lately.)

    Best bet would be to send in a feedback from your Dashboard with a pointer to this thread so staff can see we’ve discussed it. This is really a backend issue and we can’t really resolve here in the forums.

    Good luck,


    Thanks for that, drmike. I submitted a feedback ticket from the dashboard. What will be the method of returning that support ticket? Will it be a notifier in the dashboard? To email?

    If it’s to email, then it’s obviously a problem, because I have to change my email address, as I mentioned.



    To email.

    You might want to send in a second feedback coping the first but pointing out the new email.

    This is one of the reasons why I alsways suggest a pointer to the threads here in the forums. So, if there’s an issue with getting ahold of the user, staff can post here. It’s occured in the past.

    Good luck,



    Feedback received at 17:50
    Reply sent at 18:01
    so it should be there?

    The banner issues was sorted but I await details on the second.

    If it is email, send me the old and the new and I can change thet for you.

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