Strange formatting and margins in “Edit Post”

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    Hi all,

    I’ve been having a strange problem with one of my WordPress blogs, and I haven’t found any other topics on the subject.

    It only happens when I create or edit a post. The words will reach a certain post halfway across the window and then paragraph break back to the beginning. So it looks something like this:

    “Things have been picking up here
    on the Island, so here’s a few
    announcements to catch everyone
    up to speed: a fellow BU classmate,
    and I have started a blog devoted to
    the movies called Beyond the Backlot.
    We’ll be writing for it for the rest of the
    summer and hopefully into next year
    about the current cinema, trends in
    the industry and classics you may have
    overlooked that are worth the watch.”

    Once I publish the post it fits perfectly into the theme. This only occurs during editing or writing. It’s getting a bit annoying that I can’t format my posts in any way when for some reason the editor is making the margins super small. I’ve tried making it full screen, and I noticed that the kitchen sink will also only extend to the margin where the words are being cut off instead of all the way across the window.

    There’s nothing special in the code or any upgrades.

    Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is



    For clarity are you typing directly into the editor? Or are you copying and pasting from elsewhere and not using the Row 2 icon 5 (Paste as Plain Text) or icon 6 (Paste from Word) ?

    Are you posting by email or from a mobile?

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