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Strange Google Image Search leads here

  1. I've seen a very steep drop in my hits recently, and have been casting about for why that might be. I've certainly seen my google juice fall right through the floor. Now I've seen the strangest search results leading to my blog.

    I've always had some image searches leading there, but they normally look like this

    And then I see this weird one

    Which doesn't have the full URL in the Google frame, although it's clickable and takes you to my blog. There's just a big white space where the blog should be. If you hit Remove Frame, all is as it should be and my blog is there.

    Am I just running in circles here, or is it possible that Google's not reading some of my pages? If someone was hotlinking to the pic, and had been for awhile, that would preserve the link somehow, but not the context. I'm at my wit's end here. Any suggestions are appreciated.

  2. That looks like twiggy in the wierd one lol

  3. Are you saying the pictures were never posted on your site?

  4. @naoy- nope that's not what she's saying. The first image location is as expected:
    Below is the image in its original context on the page:
    The second one is weird:
    Below is the image in its original context on the page: https:/.../
    Yup, that's all it says although it does link to her site if you click on it. On the other hand why would anyone click on what looks like a broken link?

  5. I know, it's very strange. Also the panel in the frame that should be displaying the blog (below the image frame) is blank white.

    I checked my Google Page Rank, and I've gone from 6 to 0, which might explain some of the drop in hits. WordPress said there might be a temporary drop in google juice with the new domain name, but OW! I'm off to self-medicate with chocolate.

    Thanks for checking it out. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon.

  6. I do sympathize with you. You work hard on your blog, you're very articulate, literary and witty hence it's very interesting and entertaining blog and as you know I'm a regular reader.
    WOAH! Chocolate, champagne and lots of ... love ... may take the edge off but WOAH! that hurts.

  7. Thank you. I appreciate the support and the readership (and the pointers). Hopefully my google juice will rise again.

    Was that an unfortunate metaphor?

  8. Was that an unfortunate metaphor? You juice for google ... *rotflmao* you never cease to amuse me rain!

  9. I'll bake someone a cake if you would tell me where, how, what search engine, and why I'm still getting searches just for the letter t.

  10. I'm getting them too and someone offered an explanation that I can't recall but they don't bother me - another of life's mysteries.

  11. I as well. I think Dr Mike said something about maybe for some reason all but the final letter of the search was getting stripped out, but why would we never get a search for a different letter then? I'm thinking it might be some kind of web metric program, counting something.

  12. What in god's name does this search mean??


  13. I have no idea what that search term means.... but I have had the same search term a few days ago.



  14. I had that today as well. It's not a Google search, because that returns zero answers.

  15. 6e0b9b790408f8111e15b07eb0a47ca9af59fbfd looks like a 40-character hexadecimal value. Don't some encryption methods return values of that type? could be a php session id.

  16. Anyone else here count the characters to see if it was 40 characters?

    Might be an inbound from somewhere a php session is being used like a forum.

  17. Just counted and yes it is 40 but I have no idea what php session means.

  18. All the referrals I get from forums just show up as this maybe a protected forum or something?

  19. Protected forums for me show the url but we can't view anything unless we are a member.

    You're a fan of Perez Hilton right? I just got now a Perez Hilton referral and almost peed my pants but when I went there the site is completely different. But noticed it's .org and not .com. HAHAHA!

  20. Weird. Perez has cyberstalkers? Well, he's hated enough to have some. Congrats on the referral anyway.

  21. I think I've found out what the "t" search is. Today I got one hit from this referrer:

    So although I can't tell which exact typepad blog it is, it looks like it's from an admin review of comments left. So it's just tracking back through the URL I linked(mine) I guess.

  22. admin review of comments left

    Someone is reviewing comments that I left? I rarely comment of people's sites and I don't think I know any sites at Typead except one entertainment one.

  23. There are a lot of sites that don't SAY Typepad, but which are typepad underneath.

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