strange google problem . require your help

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    Hi All,

    I am facing some strange problem with google, it is able to crowle and showing my blog in search reults. for example search for string “sqlyog for solaris” will display at first link in search result.. But if you clik on that it pointing to my blog main url INSTEAD of pointing correct blog entry complete url, in this case it should point to sqlyog for solaris

    user will see correct posted entry when he used “cached” results of google only.

    This is happening with every post…

    how to avoide this ? … feel free contact me at big2all [at] for any more details… or request that i can reply..

    Thanks for your time

    [Link created – drmike]



    drmike will not be back until tomorrow. I’m sure he’ll deal with this then unless someone else can help you during the night. Best regards.:)



    Yeah. Google does that ALOT. I don’t know why. Then people have to search for it when visiting a site and that’s if the site has a good search site but sometimes doesn’t even have one.



    Actually I don’t see the word ‘solaris’ in that post that you want Google to point to. :)

    Although you do have ‘solaris’ in a link to another post on that Post page. I don’t think that that would count though since you’re using it to point elsewhere instead of actual content.

    If you pull up the cache for that link, you’ll note that, using keywords, sqlyog comes up 3 times and solaris 6 times compared to 3 times for sqlyog and 0 times for solaris. (Well, really 1 time but I don’t think that that would count.)

    I gotta admit here that I agree with Google on this one.

    I will cheat a little bit and make links for you in your post to point at the correct Post. Maybe that will help. You may also want to go back and edit the Post in question and change sqlyog’ to ‘sqlyog for solaris’.

    Hope this helps,



    Hi Mike..

    i think this issue is require more attention ..

    try google with

    “How to sign up appgate mindterm java applet”- see google 4th result entry

    “open sun solaris and intel 945gnt board works” – see google 1st result entry …

    for every entry it showing main site url not exact url……

    will you please try to fix this ?



    I’ll cover this in more detail later on someday but bet bet would be to cheat and create a “Featured Posts” Page and use the terms you listed above as the text for the link and send the link to the specifc page you want the search engines to go to.

    I’ll write more about this later on. Kind of busy today and a short day as well since it’s Sunday.



    1.Ok, if we do this way .. will google treat it as duplicate text entries ?

    2.i need to update my “featured page” immdly as i posted my blog entry or i can do later ?

    -Thanks for your time



    1) It’s my understanding that, since the phrase is in the text portion of the link, Google applies that wording to the page it’s pointing at. It’s one of the reasons why it’s considered bad form among SEO to just use ‘here‘ as a link.

    2) Gotta admit that it’s a toss up depending on how often Google hits your site. I will note that the cache for your main page is back on the 30th so I’m assuming that the spiders might not visit you all that often. (Although my cached home page is from July 3rd which also seems to be a bit far in the past)

    I’d go for once a week if updating it right then and there isn’t possible.

    Another thought I had was putting the actual porject names in as categories. That might help since Tech’s and WP’s tag systems would be picking up on them as well.

    You might also want to think about reducing the number of posts you have displayed on a page. Usually Google thinks that the main page of your blog or site is the most important. Getting these posts off of your home page might help.

    Hope this helps,



    thanks… so 5 posts on home is ok ?



    home=home page, as of now it was set to 10



    Yes, home as it the main page for your blog.

    Now I will say this. I’m not perfect at this. For example, when you do a Google lookup for my webcomic, you get the mirror site here at

    With all of my links pointed at the main site.
    The webcomic indexes as well.

    It’s really annoying. :)



    linuxunix, I do 5 posts per page on my site now. It’s quick to load considering the amount of pictures I post.



    Any solution solution for this as 1 year passed :) problem is still there ….



    I think at this point you should contact Google. It’s a long shot, but someone there might know what’s going on.



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