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Strange hangup

  1. I have put up almost 200 posts on my blog, almost always adding photos from a particular folder. Today when I tried to upload an image that folder did not show up. It does show up when I click our of WordPress......? I was able to upload the photo ONLY by sending it to another folder. Why would this be?

    The folder, in all it's glory, exists in "My Documents" but when I click on My Documents all the folders show up but that one?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You are totally confused if you think you can upload "My Documents" folders from your PC into your blog. You cannot do that.

  3. No, let me try again. When I have to upload a PHOTO I always choose one from a folder IN MY Documents. Have been doing that since I started my blog well over a year ago.

    Suddenly that folder does not show up when I click on Add Media. It shows up fine OUT of WordPress. But when I am in WordPress and click on My Documents that particular folder does not show up? Why?

  4. I'm sorry but I don't know why. Hopefully someone else can fathom what's going on.

  5. ...have you tried deleting your cache, and restarting your computer?

  6. Yes, have tried all the routine fixes and it still doesn't show up. What I have to do now is find the photo and send it to My Documents so I can upload. A royal pain, and just something that should have not have to be done. Not sure if it's the fault of WordPress, but I have no explanation why it just started happening.

  7. ...I'll tag this so a moderator or WP staff person will take a look. Hopefully one will be by soon.

  8. You can also drag and drop the images, so you open our folder on your pc and drag them into the upload area of the site. (To switch programs while having something under your cursor, hover over the browser program icon of your taskbar untill the browser (program) comes to the front. Then drop the pictures in the upload field.

    What are the routine fixes? Renaming the folder? Have you logged into wordpress on another pc? Is it the same My Documents folder you're seeing? (Like in dutch, there's 'Mijn documenten" and "My documents).
    Is it a private pc or company pc?
    If really nothing has changed, could it have to do with the size of your photo-folder?

  9. I will not change the name of the folder it's part of my website, and changing it's name would change everything.

    Yes, it's MY pc....not a business.

    Johnny thanks for your help.

  10. Changing the name of the folder on your computer won't affect anything on your blog, so it's worth a try at least. Your images already uploaded and they're here now, not on your computer.

    What you're describing isn't controlled on our end. More than likely, something is up with the folder on your computer.

    You can upload the images from anywhere, even drag and drop them as daqadoodles described.

  11. For the record I also have a website called Stout Standards, and I will not change the name of the folder. I understand I can drag and pull them from anywhere. Just that this problem is NEW and just started happening. I also understand that once I place them into my blog they are there. I get it. Understand.

    I think I will stop asking about this because it appears that I am not explaining myself correctly. Thanks. Will figure something out....

  12. Ah, I didn't know you used that folder as part of a build for your website. I understand you don't want to change it, because if you change the name of your images folder the path to your images is broken on your website, so they won't be displayed anymore.

    I would try to make a shortcut to that folder, just to see if that does work. Or I would make a new folder in that folder and a shortcut to that one. (That doesn't affect the website, it's purely for testing). It might be related to the fact that it is a website folder, the program you use to edit your website might have changed a permission/setting,.
    I don't know anything about your pc so it's very hard to troubleshoot the issue. Besides the possibility that wordpress has changed, it could also be (an update of) your operating system, browser, a browser addon, html editor, user control settings, firewall, or another program.

    I'm sorry I can't be of any help.

  13. Just discovered that Internet Explorer 10 is the culprit. I was forced to download this (automatic update), and after Googling my problem found that I was not alone. When I tried to add media in Firefox the folder showed up fine.

    So good ole MS does it again. Thought I would pass this along in case you get another question like this. So far MS does not have a fix for this. At least not that I can find. Thanks for your help.

  14. Thanks for letting us know!

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