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    Hi, you may already know this but some odd things are suddenly happening if I use IE9 (which I usually do with no problems) instead of Firefox.
    * the insert picture frame is freezing
    * the insert link frame freezes sometimes and other times if I click update the screen zaps back to the dashboard leaving any changes not obsessively updated lost
    * the copy a post feature (which I love!) isn’t searching for anything older than the ones that show up to start with
    Everything seems to be fine if I use Firefox.
    I am using WIndows 7.
    Lisa Hill

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    Have you noticed that there are others threads of this issue?



    Here are some other workarounds others tried that were successful for them:
    switch to Chrome;
    switch to Firefox;
    if you are running Windows XP and cannot upgrade your existing IE8 browser to IE9 then simply upgrade the IE8 version you have installed (it worked for me);
    enter links into the HTML editor rather than the Visual editor.



    Timethief, I know you mean well, and thanks for your sugegstion – but it’s not always a solution to suggest using a different browser. As I said in my post, I’m already running IE9 not IE8 and I can use Firefox when I’m at home. (Chrome, I think, is a horrible browser). But at work I don’t have the option to use anything other than what’s installed on the network, (i.e. Internet Explorer) and anyway, I’m quite sure that WordPress wants its product to work on the most commonly used browser as well as on everything else. So if IE isn’t working, even though I can work around it at home, I always let the WP team know so that it can be fixed.


    This isn’t a wordpress issue.

    WordPress has to wait for Moxiecode, the developers of the TinyMCE online editor that virtually everyone on the planet uses, to fix the issue and make an update available. This could take another week, or two weeks, or who knows how long. Since there are no alternative online editors out there, everyone is pretty much over a barrel. I know they are working on the issue, but what isn’t known is how long it will take for Moxiecode to roll out a fix.

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