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Strange image resizing behavior in editor

  1. For some reason, when I hover over an image, the editor thinks I want to resize it! The cursor turns into a diagonal arrow, and the image expands.

    I have accidentally resized everything, and I can no longer drop/drag any images without going into the code view, copying the code, and repasting.

    What's going on?

    (OSX Mac on Chrome)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am having similar problems today whenever I try to reduce the size of an image. All I get are the diagonal arrows which want to enlarge, but refuse to reduce.

  3. Hello?

    Seriously, it's really irritating, and I haven't seen any documentation about it. What is going on and how do I make it stop?

  4. @membracid
    Which bbrowser and version of it are you using? I'm using FF 14.0.1 and don't have this issue.

  5. Oh frap. I'm sorry membracid (OSX Mac on Chrome). I have flagged this thread for Staff help.

  6. Thank you!

    OS 10.7.4 and Chrome Version 20.0.1132.57 (latest update)

  7. Oh, and it still works normally in Firefox--it's just Chrome that things are wonky in.

  8. I'm curious if it's a Webkit issue. Does it work fine for you in Safari? (both are Webkit browsers)

  9. Yep, Safari is borked as well. Good call!

  10. Ok, thanks for letting us know! We're looking into this.

  11. Me too, as of today. Chrome 20.0.1132.57 m

    Same thing happening to this user

  12. Also, I'm on a PC.

    It appears to happen immediately after inserting the image, I was trying to click the Edit image icon on the image and suddenly found the image resizing at will when I moved my cursor around.

    I used Ctrl+z to get back to the inserted image size and after I clicked away onto some text and then back on the image, I could click on the Edit image icon without the image resizing all over the place.

    Annoying as heck!

  13. I got sorted by working in Firefox (not a WebKit browser)....

    And, yup, it is as annoying as heck!

  14. Glad you solved your problem, but I've never used anything but Chrome with and this is the first time I've run into this. (thank goodness for small favors!) :)

  15. A slight work-around that I have come to use is to essentially double-select the edit function. I must click the image first (to select it) before clicking the edit image button. If I click the edit image button first, the resize arrows take control. But if I click the image first, I can proceed to edit in the normal way ... except that all edits have to be entered twice. For some reason, they don't register the first time.

    Chrome 20.0.1132.57

  16. OS X 10.8 running Safari and same thing happening, also very difficult to add text after I have placed photo, normally I would just click to the left of the photo and hit enter (CR) and the photo would move down, thats not working either.

  17. I'm so glad to find this thread. That image resizer arrow is making me want to cry with frustration. I'm an experienced WP and Mac user, and I'm well accustomed to sliders, but this one, my God, it just won't let go. I can't find a key to make it disengage once it gets my image by the throat. Even disabling the trackpad sliding ability on my MacBook won't stop it.

    This seemed to happen sometime within the last two weeks, and along with it came the return of the refusal of a hard return after an image. Two hard returns are required to do what one should.
    I hope you guys can fix it soon.

  18. Duiblotter, thanks for the work-around- you saved me a lot of frustration. Perhaps this is exactly how the drag resize arrow is supposed to work but it obviously wasn't intuitive enough to those of us who've spent weeks trying to click or Esc out of the dreaded resizing arrow.


  19. Another user plagued by the annoying resize arrow!

    @duiblotter Your workaround doesn't work with me - the moment I hover over the image, the resize arrows appear. *grrr*

  20. It's gotten frustrating again- worse instead of the better it was for a week or so. It's really not working well.

    Also, having to doublespace after an image, and getting inconsistent spacing results, reminds me of the old WP code from a year or two ago. We've lost functionality here and I hope it gets better.

  21. Just throwing my name on the pile of folks affected by this annoying issue...
    I'm a Mac 10.8 using Chrome - just trying to add links to images and all I get is unusual arrow and resizing augogo - I thought I was going bananas until I found this thread...
    Hope it gets sorted soon...

  22. It may in fact be a Chrome issue... Everyone I know who is suffering from the stupid doublespace need and arrow takeover is a Chrome user.

    Hopefully WP will step up on this one, because once I went Chrome, there was no going back.

  23. Have same issue with Chrome on OSX and reported it here 2 days ago.

  24. Yes - very very very annoying WP - fix required soon please - it is taking me twice as long to arrange a post......

  25. @macmanx, is there any news on this problem, also reported here

  26. They must be working on it, as it got about ten times worse today.

  27. Ok, I am somewhat able to reproduce this reliably now, but it seems to actually be an issue with Webkit (the rendering engine used by both browsers).

    Once you click the image, the edit/delete buttons actually appear momentarily and are clickable. Though, they will disappear if you move the mouse far enough away.

    Since these buttons appear in the image's top-right corner, try initially clicking the image there. Does that work for anyone here?

  28. @macmanx-you mean the "other" top-right corner? :)

  29. Yes, the other top-right corner, the one on the left. ;)

  30. I'm still having problems. I can't delete or resize my photo. I'm using Safari and Firefox.

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