Strange letters attached to commenters usernames

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    When I check my comments, there is this attached to the end of the username… “&hellip”. It is attached to all usernames, even mine, in the comments section. I have just changed to the Blix theme. Does anyone know how to get rid of this?



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    I’m not seeing “&hellip” or anything like that in Safari. Try clearing your browser cache and cookies and restarting.


    I did what you suggested. Still there. It would read like this Pearlsoftruth&hellip. You can’t see it? Must be Internet explorer then. I will try another.



    im using blix themes. its show … at firefox and show &hellip at opera. but i like if it can be remove


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    Nope. Just looked at it in FireFox. Looks fine to me.


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    This is all I see on yours:

    8.  heru768…  |  10 Januari 2009 at 8:47
    Cobain buatan indonesia dulu ahh…
    9.  heru768…  |  10 Januari 2009 at 8:53
    Lo ko nama dari no.1 sd 8 ada tambahan “&hellip”. Kenapa begitu mas????

    Everything else looks normal.

    Best to contact support. Seems like quite a few people are experiencing odd quirks since this afternoon.


    I had a look with Firefox, and it is looking like this: Pearloftruth… (with 3 dots at end). But not showing the &hellip. Strange. Will contact support I think…


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    Right. the “…”
    That’s there! There is a reason I’m not a proofreader.



    I’m using the same theme and having the exact same issue. Any resolution yet?

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