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Strange Little Town background image size

  1. Hi! I am about 5 minutes new here and don´t know how to do anything, if I want to change the background image in "Strange Little Town" what size should should it be?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The size of background image is not relevant because the image is repeated automatically vertically and horizontally.

    As a rule of thumb, a plain image should be as small as possible so that loading time is less. For an image that is complicated with different designs all over the place then clearly these have to be very big to fill the screen because repeating is not ideal for these types.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Hi jtanna01 ! Thank you for the info :)

    I can understand that the background color would be repeated, but I mean like images at the bottom of " Strange Little Town", if I want to replace that with one of my own, how do I find out what size it should be exactly? I know it said something about the header image being something like 900 pixels wide, or 950 px orsomething, but it seems like the bottom image (the one with all the houses and things) is something else, maybe attached to the background or something? and also maybe a transparent png or something?

    it´s not that don´t like it, it´s really cool, but I want to have something my own. :)

  4. Hi again, never mind my questions about Strange Little Town, I have switched to another one, that seems easier to change. :)

  5. Welcome to WordPress.Com, aka Yeah, being new to something new to you can be scary. But you can relax. There are plenty of things to read to get an idea what is going on. You can start at and read the various topic there.

    The picture at the bottom comes with the particular theme you chose. Looks like a cute theme to me. But there are lots of others to choose from if that one bothers you. See "Customize My Site" on the above page.

    Here's an idea ... write blogs about the various topics you read about on the support page. On your control panel, go to "Posts" and "Add post" to make new ones. I say that because I suspect you edited the starter post adds for you, instead of adding a new one. That's because I see you replied to the starter comment they add for you.

  6. Hi motre! Thank you for the help and ideas :)
    I change my theme to "Matala" but I still don´t know how to change the background, it says what size the header is, but I can´t find anything that tells you the background image size.

    I know that you are supposed to start off with planning your content and things, but I feel distracted by the theme not feeling comfortable yet. It´s probably going to take a while before I get the hang of things here, but I´m really grateful for the help people are giving me. :)

    Please excuse me if my grammar sounds strange, English isn´t the language I usually speak and write in. :)

  7. @vafann. See my comment on Showcase forum for details of you theme.

  8. My Firefox browser will show me the size in the title when I right click and "view background image" on the image. Your current one is 1600x883. The top image on "strange little town" theme is 1000x336. The bottom one (the town) is 1000x405.

  9. @ motre YES!!! thank you! I have changed to the "Matala" theme now, but anyway this is exactly what I wanted to know! :)

    Now all I have to do is figure out how to change/ add a new background once I have made one. :)

    Thank you soooo much! :)

  10. This is what I have been able to accomplish so far, I´m getting there whahooo! Thank you motre!! :)

  11. Looks nice.

    So if English is not your speaking/writing language, what is? Will you be blogging in that language?

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