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Strange new image on feed - how can i get rid of it?

  1. On my site feed ( ive suddenly got an unknown image appeared at the bottom of every post. Can anyone tell me what it is, and more importantly how i can get rid of it!


  2. What exactly does it look like?

  3. Looking at your feed in Shrook I'm not seeing it. Can you give a link to a screenshot that indicates the problem?

  4. I mean, I'm not seeing the problem image. I can see the feed just fine. :-)

  5. the image's address is

    it appears as unknown - see the feed itself

  6. I cannot see an image at all. I can read the feed set to summary just fine. It would help if you described what this image looked like. Are you referring to a small smiley face that indicates your stats are being collected?

    Every time a visitor views a page, the browser requests a little smiley-face image from our stats system. That action is logged and the logs are summarized every few minutes to update the graphs, charts and lists you see.

  8. OK - well it looks like this is it! Thanks
    Dont suppose so, but can you remove it?

  9. Could we please try to communicate more clearly? If what ytou are seeing is a tiny smiley face then "no" you cannot remove it.

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