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    I saw something very strange when checking my traffic using feedjit. It seems one of my visitors from China landed at BPD on what looked like a link to an article I published on my subterranean blog, though the link was pointing to
    joer223.wordpress … with the title of an early post on the subterraneanblog

    I apologize for not having the link to post here as it was a little more than 24 hours ago.

    When I followed the link of course it led to a 404 page error.
    Just wondering could it have been a glitch in feejit?


    The blog I need help with is



    I can’t follow what you are saying so I don’t have an answer to your question. Sorry.



    Why not ask at feedjit? (Not really a issue)



    I don’t think it is a feedjit issue, feedjit just tracks traffic, it doesn’t determine links to posts on WP.


    When looking at what links on my blog incoming traffic was landing on I saw a link to an article I posted on subterraneanblog that somehow showed up on joer223.wordpress.COM I never posted that article at joer223 …Is that any clearer?

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