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Strange possible "bug" in Twenty Ten

  1. Never noticed this before the past day or two... But when I mouse over my tab dropdowns that show the child and grandchild pages, I can't actually click on those to get to that part of my site. They just appear under the tabs, then when I "chase" them they vanish! I know from experience elsewhere that 2010's dropdowns shouldn't do that, they normally allow you to shortcut to sub-pages on a site.

    Any thoughts on this problem? It isn't a major freakout issue, just annoying. I happen to favor Twenty Ten because of its large customizable header and that gorgeous typography so easy on older eyes...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. They work fine for me. Try clearing your browser cache and cookies (usually found in "settings" or "preferences"), restarting and viewing the page again. Or try a different browser and see if you get the same problem.

  3.'s strange...but, nothing helped until I changed off to a different theme, thought I had the absolute answer to a few minor issues, found out I didn't (LOL), and finally came round to my current theme once again (which is good ole 2010). AND, to my surprise the dropdown menus are now working! So the only thing that did the trick was getting away from the theme and then reactivating it...

    Next time I have this problem (i hope i don't but one never knows), I'll know what to do!

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