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Strange problem w/ disappearing author in Twenty Ten theme

  1. zombiesymmetry

    There are two parts to this ...

    First, the "author" tag following the date on posts has disappeared. In other words, "Posted on October 5, 2012 by ZombieSymmetry" now simply says "Posted on October 4, 2012". I'm pretty sure the author was there before. I spend a lot of time last night trying to figure out what happened. I briefly reset my fonts back to default, etc., to test, but nothing brought back the author.

    Second, I notice that if I include anything in the "About you" area of the Gravatar, I get an enormous "About ZombieSymmetry" tag under each post. That's a little much, since the posts themselves are short and I'm the only author.

    How do I bring back the author credit following the date on posts? And is there a way to include descriptive text in the Gravatar while suppressing the huge "About the author" section below each post?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. zombiesymmetry

    Additional info:

    I see ".by-author {visibility: hidden;}" in the CSS.

    But how did it get that way? How did I inadvertently hid the author names in posts?

  3. Hi there,
    You may want to read this thread >

  4. zombiesymmetry

    Thank you, timethief ... but I'm a little confused -

    You're talking mostly about bylines at the bottoms of posts in that thread, but I'm mainly talking about the author name at the tops of posts. For example, the post recent post on your blog reads "Posted on September 7, 2012 by timethief". In my case, the "by [author]" seems to have disappeared.

    It's still there in the source! I can view the page source and everything is as it should be. And the author name at the top of posts was there a day or two ago.

  5. zombiesymmetry

    I might give the second author trick a shot. But I'll swear the author line was there just a day ago. I've been playing with the Gravatar settings, and even though I changed it back to the way it was before I started to monkey with it, I think it may have toggled some setting to hide the author.

  6. zombiesymmetry

    Better still ... I'll just do this:

    .single-author .by-author {

    It worked!

  7. @zombiesymmetry
    I know the author byline was previously displayed and I'm happy to hear you resolved this. :)

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