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    Has anyone seen this kind of situation before? I cannot for the life of me imagine what could be causing it.

    The situation is this: I have a several months old post which was never one of my most popular but yesterday suddenly, out of the blue, it got 413 views!

    I can see that there were 366 people who came to my blog yesterday from searches for “bill shannon crutch master” so as far as that goes it makes sense.

    What makes no sense is that neither the day before, nor today, the day after, have I had ANY hits on that post that I can tell.

    Is some one person clicking obsessively on this? I mean, I’m on the sixth page of Google, it’s not as if I’m leading the pack for this search item. I can’t figure out why this could be behaving like that. Any suggestions are appreciated.



    Maybe someone has linked to your post recently in a forum or something.
    Are there any clues in the referrals section as to what url they may be coming from?



    Possibly in some other search engine you were/are on the first page.



    Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve considered them and it doesn’t seem to be the case: if it were a forum, it would show up directly in Referrers, which it hasn’t (not one link to that post exists, it appears). They’re coming from searches straight to the blog.

    And I thought that if on some other search engine I was on the front page, I’d probably have seen a few hits today. Nada. And very often when you search from Yahoo or Excite or something there’s a line in Referrals: again, not seeing it.

    I’m wondering if this was a viral email perhaps? But only one day of life? Very strange. I even considered that I had been on the front page and got bumped by new stories, but all the stories I can find ahead of me are pretty old.

    Thanks for the suggestions. I will keep an eye on the stats and see if any clues emerge.



    If you combine the entertainment industry and the disabled lobby and you’re looking at a very large “audience”. Wasn’t there a famous choregrapher with a french sounding name who just recently had a famous ballet dancer performing to illustrate dancing with a disability? I vaguely seem to remember something like that.



    You know maybe there was a program recently on TV about this Bill guy and people rushed to their PCs to find more information. If it was on TV the other night that would explain why all of a sudden out of the blue you are getting hits.
    Perhaps you could check the TV listings for that day and do a bit of detective work on that angle?



    I still don’t know why I’m STILL getting searches for the letter t. That’s it. The letter t!


    I get occasional searches for the letter t as well.
    They seem to find a post about the poet T. S. Eliot.
    I hope that’s what they wanted



    Thanks for your help guys(non-discriminatory use of term in accordance with Miss Manners).

    I’m going to figure it was something on TV, because if it had been the release date of his movie the hits would have continued. He’s working with Cirque du Soleil, so maybe they had a special on or something.

    I, also, get searches for the letter t, lowercase. I think it has something to do with T&A, but maybe that’s just my dirty mind. Still, there are a lot of people out there with dirty minds.



    That can always happen…so take a chill pill…be glad that you got more people to your blog.



    I, also, get searches for the letter t, lowercase. I think it has something to do with T&A, but maybe that’s just my dirty mind. Still, there are a lot of people out there with dirty minds.

    I get the “t” as well. I think it may be an error with grabbing the search string and only getting “t” instead.



    Got this just now:

    invalid url 4




    I had this funny video about “giving someone a head” in one of my entries, it’s an old post with a highest click all the time. I don’t know why – maybe “sex” related posts gives you a hundred hits a day just because people are always curious about the title.

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