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Strange Stats behaviour

  1. I experience some disproportional statistics on my blog.

    My blog has an average of about 50 views a day this month, but today, only in two hours I got +250 views (and growing) but with only 6 visitors, also all 250 views are from Albania, or at least that's what the stats claim... Another thing that makes me question authenticity of this 'surge' is that Stats claim that all those 250 views are linked to one post, albeit one I wrote a few months ago. This happened once before, when I got over 1500 views in one day with only 24 visitors. To give you an idea, my blog gets about 1500 to 2000 views per month, therefore 1500 in one day stands out like a sore thumb, especially since I write pretty regularly, once or twice a week.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Here's a screenshot, just to show you the scale of this disproportion.
    I mean, everyone would be happy to get lots of views in a very short time, but it's not really rewarding when it appears to be an error.

  3. Hi there!

    I just went and took a look at your statistics, and the traffic which you've gotten has actually come from Yahoo Image Searches. Google has recently instituted practices that makes sure that any image searches from its site results in few if any views on statistics. Yahoo has not yet implemented any such changes, so it someone searches for a term that matches an image on your site, then that can result in a view (but not a visit, because nobody visited your site) showing up in your stats.

    In your case, if you review the search terms, you can see that recently searches for "Lana Del Ray" resulted in a lot of hits that day.

    It may be that there were a lot of hits that fit those terms, or one person went back over and over again. In either case, that appears to be what happened!

    I hope that clarifies things!

  4. technicalcopywriter

    Hi, I experienced a weird spike too recently. Up from 100-150 views per day to over 2000! Is there anything anyone can do to prevent this happening, or flatten out the spikes? It's really messed up my stats!

  5. @technicalcopywriter - please read my response. I explain where the spikes come from and if you had clicked your stats for the day you experienced the spike, you would see the same spike from Yahoo Image search using the search term "horse."

    The only way you can stop this is to make Yahoo change how they handle search results.

    I hope that clarifies things!

  6. technicalcopywriter

    Thanks, that clarifies it well. Thanks for your quick response.

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